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27 February, 2020 | Aftandil Shahbazli Updated 2021

Health Benefits of Drinking a Bubble Tea Regularly

A bubble tea place is turning into the go-to place for millions of people around the world. This number will only grow over the years. Having humble origins at first, the beverage has grown to become a maze of flavors and styles. The mix of cultures has allowed the drink to grow more in deliciousness. 

The popularity of the bubble tea place has quickly spread well beyond the native boundaries of Taiwan. Boba tea, which was initially the schoolchildren of Taiwan, is fast becoming a favorite of adults with a sweet tooth. You can’t really blame them, who wouldn’t enjoy a drink with delicious tastes, a massive range of flavors, and unique ingredients. 

As consumers are becoming more self-conscious about what they put into their bodies, it becomes more critical to understand the benefits of certain foods and beverages. The bubble tea place you visit every so often, may have more benefits than the regular tea shops you visit. Here are three boba health benefits you may not have known, and your bubble tea place may not have told you. Let’s get sipping!

What exactly is bubble tea?

Well, first off, Bubble tea may be referred to by many names. You might have heard Boba tea, bubble milk tea, pearl milk tea boba juice, and more. As you might already know, the beverage is a Taiwanese tea-based drink. You might even hear the name tapioca tea, because tapioca balls are the main star and ingredient in the drink. Before getting into the details of the benefits of bubble tea, you should fully understand what bubble tea is. 

The base of the drink is usually organic tea, which can be black, green, or even white. Tea is then mixed with milk and other fruit syrups based on preference. Tapioca balls or fruit jellies are added to the mix, which usually sinks to the bottom of the drink, which gives it that distinct look.

When looking for bubble tea in Los Angeles, you could even come across joints that add ice into Boba, which results in a smoothie or slushy type texture. You might come across a limitless variety of bubble tea flavor, but the most popular are bubble milk green tea and pure bubble milk tea. Any bubble tea place is sure to have these flavors in stock for you to lay your taste buds on. 

When the drink is mixed with a variety of teas, milk, and tapioca pearls, there could be thousands of combinations of boba tea. Since the tea and milk have various nutrient compositions, you could be met with an excellent bag of health benefits. 

The taste and basic benefits

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Believe it or not, there is no one flavor of bubble tea. You might always get the standard taste of milk and tea in the drink, but the overall flavor of the drink will vary greatly depending on the fruits, and syrups that have been added. The jellies that are added to the bottom of the drink may not change the flavor of the drink all that much, but they do give the fluid a special texture.

You should be prepared to taste flavors anywhere from sweet earth and nutty, to saccharine when looking for the best milk tea in Los Angeles. Some bubble tea places have even gone for the sour and slightly bitter tastes. The different types of organic teas and milk used as the base of the drink already come with standard health benefits. Organic and green tea is proven to help brain function and metabolism. 

Besides grabbing those green and natural tea nutrients, you could be getting your daily dose of calories along the way. According to research, a single serving of bubble tea with the tapioca balls may contain around 300 calories. The serving also comes with a healthy 38 grams of sugar. Because an adult’s daily calorie intake is around 2400, it could be a little addition to your healthy daily intake. You won’t have to worry about those muffin tops if you do it right. 

The main health benefits:

The exotic Bubble tea place you go to regularly may have many health benefits. But here are the main ones that are worth noting.

Energy boost

There are many unhealthy ways of getting your daily energy boost. Some people go for things like energy drinks, and coffee to get their energy. But such beverages often contain high amounts of sugar that may end up harming your body more in the process.

But the next bubble tea place you visit may be here to save you! Thanks to the not so much sugar content it has, mixed with the caffeine that comes from the black and green teas, you could end up getting a significant improvement in energy besides the great flavors. No wonder the Taiwanese people have only enjoyed it more over the years. 

You might want to look out for how much you drink daily. Overdoing it can certainly have its drawbacks. Some organic coffee shops offer the drink in a less sugary fashion that may be a great way to kickstart your day, and still help you stay healthy. 

Boosting your immune system

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Humans are heavily dependent on their immune systems. Anything that can help you boost your immune system is worthy of a try. The green tea, which is one of the most popular choices as a base in any bubble tea place, contains a vast array of antioxidants. Polyphenols and catechins, which are the core antioxidants in green tea, can boost your immune system by blocking the oxidative stress build-up. 

Even more, if you decide to go for fresh fruits in your bubble tea like strawberry, mango, and kiwi you could be getting your daily dose of Vitamin C. Hitting two birds with one stone for your immune system is a real treat considering how hard it can be to get them with the busyness of life today. 

Blocking free radical damage

Free radical damage can be very toxic to the human body. They can cause mutations that lead to chronic disease and cancer. Epigallocatechin and polyphenols, which are found in green tea, can have adverse effects on the free radicals that may be floating around in your body.

These adverse effects on the radicals, can mean positive outcomes for you. This means adding green tea-based boba drinks into your regular intake can be quite a healthy choice. Keep in mind that more studies and research is required to further elaborate on the subject. 

Hitting the Bubble tea place all the time for a sugar-rich drink may not always be the best of choices. It can especially be bad for your cardiovascular state. But, it is all in your hands to either order, or prepare a healthier version of any drink, including boba.

specialty coffee shop can do the trick, if you are unable to find bubble tea nearby. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds which are found in the teas can help you maintain a healthy heart and body. In most cases, all you have to do is give a visit to Bontea - the best bubble tea place in Los Angeles and you're golden.  


Your local bubble tea place may hold the key to refreshing greatness or even a healthy life through bubble tea benefits. When looking for that bubble tea near me frenzy, you should make sure to go joints that offer the freshest of choices. You might constantly be consuming foods and beverages that may not be all that good for you, so it is good to make some healthy conscious choices once in a while!

Also, even though there are only three health benefits above, you can derive other benefits from visiting a healthy bubble tea place, either directly or indirectly. However, you’ll need to bear in mind that you won’t derive all these benefits if you go in for your regular sugar-rich and high-calorie bubble tea. Hence, you want to go through the menu and choose the tea that has all the necessary ingredients, instead of only paying attention to the tastes. 

Better still, you can visit only the highest-ranked bubble tea shops in LA or wherever you find yourself. The mark of quality and great service that distinguishes the top places for bubble tea also ensures that you get the health benefits you deserve.