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14 December, 2019 | Bon Tea Cafe Updated 2021

5 Health Benefits of Organic Tea

With the increasing focus on a healthier lifestyle, many people prefer health-boosting food and beverages. The lack of time makes people head toward stores or shops where they can find readymade organic products. This growing need has also led to increased consumption of healthy beverages, including smoothies and fruit juices. What is even more beneficial and easy to prepare is organic tea.

A wide variety of tea leaves bring both rich taste and an abundance of health benefits to tea-lovers. From hydration to disease protection, tea has long been the secret to long-life in Asian countries. In this article, I will explain to you five significant health benefits of organic tea together with several scientific research studies. Luckily, nowadays, an organic tea shop like BonTea can deliver a cup of tea full of those benefits. 

What is Organic Tea?

'Organic' is a word that gets thrown around, all over the place nowadays. But have you really considered the meaning of the word? In countries such as Australia, it takes seven different institutions accredited by the Department of Forestry, Agriculture, and Fisheries to certify products as organic. 

Hence, the organic certification logo you see on products means a lot. Usually, this sticker indicates that these products were made, packaged, transported, and marketed under very rigid conditions that ensure the preservation and purity of their nutritional value on a quantitative and qualitative level. 

Unlike non-organic techniques, organic crop production concentrates on using natural plant minerals and nutrients to nurture and promote the growth of crops. It also employs naturally sourced methods of extraction to address issues such as weed and insect pests invasions. As a result of these methods, the crops produced have a different taste, health attributes, and nutritional values. 

Likewise, the growth of organic tea occurs in the presence of the factors listed above, instead of the industrial and concentrated alternatives. Due to these reasons, certified organic tea producing facilities are required to meet stringent standards of production to obtain accreditation. But it doesn’t stop here, these facilities are often regulated by third-party institutions to retain their license and certifications. 

Therefore, organic tea is a tea that meets these standards.

Hydration of Organic Tea

You have probably heard the ‘eight glass’ rule of daily hydration. Drinking eight glasses of water is essential for hydration and weight loss. However, if you are a person who cannot drink a lot of water, it is hard to stay hydrated. Besides, other beverages such as coffee, soda, milk drinks, or fruit juice are not considered hydrating drinks. Luckily, organic tea can help you stay hydrated. The drink will deliver H2O to your organs as well as quenching your thirst.

Some people have a false belief that tea impacts hydration negatively as it contains some caffeine. However, researchers experimented with 21 males in 2011. The results of the study were published in Cambridge University Press. The researchers concluded that black tea has the same hydrating properties as water. In other words, there is not a significant difference between water and tea intake. Therefore, if drinking too much water is hard, you can switch to organic tea to stay hydrated.

People should also be careful about consuming too much tea. As it has caffeine, it is not recommended for people who have caffeine sensitivity to rely on tea for their hydration heavily. Alternatively, instead of black tea, they can prefer lemon, fruit, or herbal teas.

Boost Antioxidants

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We have some free radicals or molecules in our body, which lead to cellular damage or oxidative stress. These problems, in turn, result in premature aging, Alzheimer’s, heart diseases, or cancer. Organic tea has antioxidants that will fight against these damaging molecules. 

However, tea type matters a lot. For instance, black tea does not have high antioxidant content. The reason is that green leaves undergo a fermentation process to turn to a copper/golden color. This fermentation process reduces antioxidants as leaves dry and oxidize.

Therefore, it is better to periodically substitute black tea with green tea that has more antioxidant power. What is even better than green tea is rose tea. Because of its polyphenol content, rose tea combats the effects of harmful molecules effectively.

For further information, Polyphenols fight with cancer, diabetes, or heart diseases. The superiority of rose tea over green tea in terms of antioxidant content has also been proved by a study on twelve rose cultivars in 2006. During the study, researchers concluded that it is good to prepare a caffeine-free, antioxidant-rich drink with dried rose petals.

If you do not know how to prepare a rose drink properly without reducing its beneficial effects, BonTea organic tea shop is here to solve this problem. Rose love tea by BonTea is both delicious and healthy with high antioxidant content.

Improving Immunity

Organic tea contains some vitamins that help build a robust immune system. One of them is Vitamin H or biotin that facilitate metabolism. Plus, it aids hair growth and skin regeneration. Another element is Vitamin D, which is good for bones and teeth. This vitamin also reduces the effects of depression and infections such as the flu. 

The National Academy of Sciences proved the protective effect of tea against infections in 2003 with a study. With the help of tea, your body gains power for fighting bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Researchers used a sample of human volunteers to provide evidence for a laboratory experiment.

Some of those participants drank tea regularly, while others consumed coffee. After the end of the period, researchers took blood samples and put bacteria to assess the reaction. As a result, the blood cells of people who drank tea had five times faster defense to bacteria compared to coffee drinkers. 

Soothing effects

Another element in organic tea leaves is Theanine. It helps to reduce stress and soothes the body. It is an amino acid that dissolves in water easily. When we get stressed, the body responds to this unpleasant feeling by increasing heart rate and blood pressure. Though it is the mechanism of the body to fight against stressful situations, it can also lead to cardiovascular diseases.

However, theanine intake reduces the nervous system’s response to stress. A study conducted in 2007 is also evidence of the soothing effect of Theanine. Researchers experimented with twelve participants. They concluded that participants who intake Theanine before a stress stimulator had a lower heart rate than those who took a placebo.

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Rose tea is also theanine-rich, which makes it a perfect drink for people who want to soothe their bodies and have a better sleep. In 2016, researchers conducted another experiment that proved that rose tea promotes a soothing effect. By getting Rose love tea by BonTea, you will guarantee anti stress therapy for sleep deprivation.

Alternatively, if you are a coffee drinker who faces the pesky effects on your nerve system, it is advisable to start drinking tea instead of coffee. Nutritionists recommend that people can try chicory root tea, which tastes similar to coffee but has stress-reducing effects. 

Control Blood Sugar

Both organic green and black tea help to lower the risk of diabetes for several reasons. By being prebiotic, tea monitors the glucose levels. In a particular way, tea facilitates people who have blood sugar problem as it delays the release of sugar. Besides, different types of tea, including Cinnamon or Sage, contribute sugar control.

For instance, cinnamon tea helps people lower their appetite and hence, reduce weight. Alternatively, sage tea is essential for blood sugar levels during fasting. By curbing hunger and delaying sugar release from starch, tea aid to decrease diabetes risk. 

Issues to Consider

While tea leaves bring a lot of beneficial vitamins and molecules to our body, it requires proper consumption to be effective. The usage of pesticides and fertilizers decreases the health benefits of tea. Therefore, people should be careful to purchase it only from organic tea producers.

Besides, the preparation of tea is also unique, depending on the type. White, green, black tea, or herbal teas such as chamomile, mint, rose; each has varying requirements, including timing and water temperature. Wither by purchasing non-organic tea options or incorrectly preparing it can damage the benefits of tea consumption.

Luckily, you can also use a shortcut and get your favorite drink from an organic tea shop like BonTea. Using high-quality tea leaves, rich with healthy content and taste, BonTea delivers you a healthy beverage without much hassle.