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15 October, 2019 | Bon Tea Cafe Updated 2021

7 Tea Shops in Los Angeles Serving Organic Tea

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most popular drinks in the world, while tea, unfortunately, has remained obscure over the years. In the East, it has kept its relevance, which is primarily due to its cultural significance. For tea lovers in the States, this disenchantment towards tea shouldn't be a cause for concern. There are still several tea shops in Los Angeles that tea lovers would enjoy. This article discusses their characteristics, features, and what makes them unique. We will also talk about their approach to organic tea.


Best tea shops in Los Angeles


So how do we rate tea shops? Of course, the first important detail is customer satisfaction. That is true not only for tea shops but every shop or restaurant. Without value from customers, there can be no success. So when we look at the top tea shops in Los Angeles, we will consider these critical details.


american tea room los angeles


American Tea Room In Los Angeles


Tea lovers who appreciate various types of tea will like the American tea room in Los Angeles. With a great design, the place makes you fall in love with it. From first glance, it becomes evident that people who own the site have brilliant knowledge about tea. 

You may shop for over two hundred varieties of teas that are very rear worldwide. It is possible to find some types that you have never tasted before. Although they are quite expensive, smelling and tasting a unique kind of tea is worth it. American Tea Room in Los Angeles even has some drinks that are over 30 years. There are sophisticated machines of BKON that may brew the perfect beverage in a minute. Other than organic tea, they produce unique types like boozy tea-laced cocktails. Or if you love iced citrus, you should try Green Tea Terere. 


Pearl’s Finest Teas


It is a newcomer to the boba scene. And people who created Crooks&Castles are also behind this place. That is why the inside of the tea shop is very stylish. There are different types of tea that you may not find anywhere else in Los Angeles. This type of variety leads to having customers from all over the country. In some cases, even in the world. 

In Pearl’s Finest Teas, you, as a customer, may talk about your cravings so that they could prepare you the best tea there. Numi organic tea is one of the unique options that customers may have. But there are many more exciting types too. For instance, horchata, milk tea, is one of the best that this tea shop serves. Or charango, the drink that is very likely to appear on Instagram very often.


Rubies + Diamonds


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We should say that at the moment, Nitro coffee is trendy and comfortable to sell. But Rubies+Diamonds manages to achieve the same with their tea. Jean Shim owns this cafe that you may get almost every exotic type of tea you may ever want. Even if you are a tea lover, you may have never heard about some of them. Satiny smooth and creamy beverages are the most unique that the tea shop serves at the moment. 

People who visit the place get the atmosphere of the tea world. And that is why customer satisfaction is on the highest level possible. When it comes to organic teas, you may see popular names. But the most popular ones among them are Tielka and Mighty Leaf. What makes this cafe unique is its approach to the newcomers. If you have no in-depth knowledge about the tea shop, they will provide you with a guideline. The fermented leaves are much more accessible, with their holistic properties and detailed descriptions. 


Basanti Tea Boutique


People who love Mexican tea should give this place a try. The first branch of the chain had been in Beverly Hills. In this tea shop, you may find almost every type of organic tea. Mountain Rose Herbs, Tega Organic Teas, and many others are the names that you will enjoy. These natural tea types come from all over the world, so the business of the place is international. There are also different varieties of green, oolong, and unique blends. By all these features and high-quality, Basanti Tea Boutique is one of the rare tea shops in Los Angeles that will satisfy the most critical customers. 


Copa Vida


The certified tea experts run the place, so you may be a hundred percent sure that the quality is high. The staff of the site is severe in their approach to the tea. And they have won a lot of barista awards over the years. Most of their unique blends come from various California tea companies. 

These companies are Sungarden Tea, The Art of Tea, and others with a brilliant reputation in California. When you work with companies with the highest quality, you become one of the best, too. They serve different types of organic teas. Other than the names we have mentioned before, you may get other natural tea types. Terra Teas, Arbor Teas, and the different types are the most popular among them.


Chado Tea Room


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When it comes to artisanal tea shops, we must talk about this name. Their hard work has led them to the high reputation they have at the moment over the years. Serving organic tea is one of its best features. And you may easily purchase bags of loose leaf teas if you want to take home. They offer you finger sandwiches and scones as well with leafy options to make you satisfied. There are enough tea accessories in this tea shop that will host your British afternoon at home. 


Bontea Cafe


When we talk about organic tea and natural tea leaves, it is one of the best places in Los Angeles. Their motto is “come for the art, stay for the taste.” That means they are confident about what they serve. They take care of serving types of organic tea that are beneficial for the human body. 

Every cup of tea has special meaning for them, making sense when you consider the hard work they put in. Choosing particular types of tea leaves, picking them one by one, and mixing them with others may seem easy. As difficult as it is, every cup of tea in Bontea Cafe has a unique flavor and taste. And that are two main factors that you should value. No matter where you are, in a tea place near you or far from your country - you will recognize high-quality tea. 

Their trained members will welcome you when you get to the site. While enjoying your cup of organic tea, you will not know how time passes. But that is not the only thing Bontea Cafe has to offer. As you may see from the cafe menu, there are different types of tea that you will never have the same experience in other tea shops in Los Angeles. Other than Lavender, Rose Love, Black Mojito, and Classic Milk teas, they have coffee. Which types are available, you should see for yourself. They get tea and coffee from all over the world and renews the tea traditions for you. 




If you want the best tea shops in Los Angeles, the tea places listed in this guide will give you the best experience. However, if you want the best place that provides a conducive environment to spend quality time, then we recommend Bontea. 

You can enjoy your favorite tea while hanging out with your friends and families. Our tea and coffee shop is peaceful and full of lovely people. So visit us at 7275 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046. You’ll not regret it. 

You can also order online, and our delivery service will bring it to you as soon as possible. If you have any inquiries, please contact us, and we will assist you immediately. 

Come for the art, stay for the taste!