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17 January, 2020 | Samira Valiyeva

BonTea - The Finest Waffle House in Los Angeles [Updated 2020]

Perfectly crisp, golden outside and airy, fluffy inside… Even thinking about waffles makes people crave it. It has many types, including regular, Krumkake, egg waffles, and our favorite- Belgian. The reason for our intense love for the Belgian waffle is its deep grooves that hold any type of syrup and toppings for extra enjoyment. Our waffles are not your regular desserts found in any waffle house in Los Angeles. With great care toward authentic ingredients and genuine cooking techniques, Bontea offers its customers delicious buttery waffles. The chances are once you try it, you will be hooked on for life!

In this post, I am your guiding Wafflexpert to share details of ingredients, preparation methods, and offerings of Bontea Cafe. 


How Are Waffles Made?


Waffles are categorized as a part of quickbreads. Also, it is in the same category as pancakes, biscuits, crepes, or muffins. The taste and consistency depend considerably on the preparation of the batter. The recipe for waffles vary a lot, but typically it involves a mixture of dry and wet ingredients. Flour, sugar, salt, and some kind of leavening are the main dry ingredients. Wet part of the recipe might involve milk, egg, butter, or oil. Plus, this quickbread allows customization with a variety of flavorings, such as chocolate, fruit, etc. 

The cooking method of a waffle is the same with muffins, which also gives name to this process: the Muffin Method. This method involves mixing wet ingredients until they get frothy. Then you need to add dry ones fast. Similar to a muffin recipe, you should not overmix waffle batter and keep it as fluffy and airy as possible.

A hot iron is also needed, which gives waffles that golden and crisp exterior, together with moist inside. All these steps might sound pretty straightforward; however, it requires exact measuring and a constant eye on the cooking techniques. Yet, the waffle is a delicious breakfast, or even dinner food with some salt, that is impossible to resist.

What is better than a warm, buttery, homemade waffle? Let me tell you the answer; the one you get in Bontea waffle house in Los Angeles. No hassle, no cooking errors, or dirty kitchen… Just sweet memories in the brain and a delicate taste in your mouth. 


The Popularity of Belgian Waffle from Brussel to New York


waffle house in los angeles


Belgium is a small country that many people might not be able to show on the map. While the majority will not be able to tell its exact location, they sure are familiar with its Belgian Waffles, either tasted or heard. This tasty quickbread, as it is categorized formally, made its way overseas in the 1960s.

In the World Fair in New York, there was a ‘Bel-Gem’ booth, which served 2500 waffles a day. They either served it plain or with cream and sliced strawberry. The rumor is that the owners of the booth - Maurice Vermeersch hired ten people just for slicing the strawberries. 

Initially, the Vermeersch family called this quickbread Brussels Waffles, as Brussel is the capital city of Belgium. However, soon they realized that not so many people know about Brussel. This unfamiliarity could be a barrier to the popularity of the product. Therefore, they decided to change it to Belgian waffles.

Though the family was flexible about the naming, they were not so open to changes in the way it was served. They resisted giving fork and knife to customers as traditionally, people ate waffles with bare hands.


Different Types of Belgian Waffles


In the previous story, the Vermeersch family called Brussel waffles as Belgian waffles. However, there are plenty of different versions of waffles in Belgium. When we call it Belgian, the image of Brussel waffle appears in our mind. This type has deep and large pockets. Plus, it is both crisp outside and light inside. Though it does not need any topping except sugar sprinkles, many people also add various fruits or chocolate. In Bontea waffle house in Los Angeles, our staff serves freshly cooked Brussel waffles.  

Another type of this quickbread belongs to the city in the south part of Belgium- Liège Waffle. It is entirely different from Brussels waffle because of its density and taste. Liège waffles are much denser. It is also sweeter as it consists of sugar chunks that caramelize during the cooking process. 

Kempen Waffle also belongs to Belgium, to a northern city called Kempen. Its shape is an oval with a lot of tiny pockets. This waffle is too thin and less tender than others. Kempen Waffle is buttery and crunchy. 


Why is Bontea Special as Waffle House in Los Angeles?


Bontea specializes in… I think I have no exact answer to this statement. I could say we pride ourselves on high-quality ingredients and professional service. However, I don’t. There is no single or couple of words that could explain our specialty in short. Whatever we do, we make it with great passion.

We do not specialize in one action, and let others out. Bontea staff and management work hard to deliver premium customer experience and the taste that you crave at the same time. From the time customers step in the cafe to the time they leave, we provide quality service they are looking for. Organic ingredients, cooking by love, serving with extreme care… Enjoy the delicate flavors with our Belgian waffle in Los Angeles.


Toppings and Side Drinks


waffles for breakfast


Waffle is itself a mouth-watering quickbread. However, you can never go wrong with additional toppings and syrups. If you want to add a little bling, you can add berries, fruits, chocolate chips, walnuts, etc. Waffle is a perfect base for an endless list of sweet and savory topping options. Maple syrup, cream, or extra butter also works well. In Bontea - the waffle house in Los Angeles, we prefer our waffles with banana/chocolate and strawberry jam. Together with these toppings, our waffles are hard to resist!

The best part of spending a morning with a Belgian waffle in Los Angeles is that you can also choose from a variety of beverage options. Tea, coffee, smoothie, or if you want to care about your health more, choose wellness drinks.

I like waffles with Black Lavender tea, which helps easy digestion of this sweet quickbread and leaves me with no feeling of guilt for eating waffles for breakfast. But if you are a person who has a hard time waking up, you can pick up your favorite coffee drink such as Espresso, Americano, Macchiato, etc. I bet banana/chocolate will have a heavenly taste with a shot of Espresso. Have a glance at our menu for more choices of drinks and sweets.


Hey There, Come over


Buttery, fluffy waffles with a crispy exterior is a motivation for mornings and a reward for the evenings of overwhelming days. With its semi-sweet taste enhanced with various toppings, waffle brings a heavenly experience to anyone. It creates sweet memories for people, from kids to old couples.

Traditionally belonging to Belgium, this amazing quickbread is no longer exclusive to Europe. You can now access it in Bontea waffle house in Los Angeles, which delivers the exact taste you would get in Belgium.

Banana/chocolate or strawberry jam, add extra excitement to its taste. You can also take waffle experience to another level with a variety of side drinks, including coffee, bubble tea, or smoothie.

So come over, we are located at 7275 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046. We have the best place in town to hang out with your friends or catch a moment, while taking your delicious waffles with your side drinks. 

You can also order your favorite waffle online, and we will immediately deliver it to you. You can enjoy the exquisite flavor of Belgian waffles in downtown LA. Come for the art, stay for the taste! If you have any challenges, please contact us, and we will immediately assist you.