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14 March, 2021 | Bon Tea Cafe Updated 2021

Chrysanthemum Tea: 9 Surprising Benefits You Need To Know

When you stroll through the tea and coffee aisle at your favorite local grocery store, you are presented with numerous options. You probably know that chamomile, green tea, black tea, and cinnamon tea are all beneficial for your body. But one you may overlook is the chrysanthemum tea. Perhaps, it is the one tea you may need most. 

Chrysanthemum tea is usually used in Eastern medicine, and the Chinese highly regard this beverage. Many tea lovers are impressed with the delicate, floral fragrance that is both refreshing and tastes sweet. However, when it comes to its health benefits, you will be amazed! 

The Asian medical community recommends that the tea can: 

  • Improve your vision, 

  • Protect your heart against diseases, 

  • Boost your immune system, 

  • Strengthen your bones, and 

  • Ease your jittery nerves

Chrysanthemum tea is highly potent due to the antioxidant-rich contents. But before we get into the benefits, let's find out more about this fantastic tea.

What Is Chrysanthemum Tea? 

Chrysanthemum tea comes from the chrysanthemum plant flowers. When you search for a refreshing glass of brewed or iced varieties, it is probably not the first option that comes to mind. But it should be. History shows that people have been drinking this tea since the Song Dynasty days in China. So it has been for about thousands of years. 

The flavor and fragrance can change depending on the chrysanthemum flowers you use. There are numerous varieties of chrysanthemum plants, and they all have their unique health benefits. In making herbal teas, most people used the leaves to brew the tea.

However, this organic tea is quite different. You can use the flower petals to infuse hot water with them to produce a delicious beverage. The full flower proved to be highly advantageous for your health. As you soak the flowers in hot water, the plant releases antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and other organic compounds needed for you to thrive. 

In other words, when you steep the chrysanthemum plant flowers, you get a nutritious and delicious drink that is quite extraordinary from the ones you have seen on the market. At first, only China was the one producing the tea. However, people all over the world got to find out about its health benefits and pleasant taste. And it immediately became a worldwide sensation. 

The floral has an intense scent, and it is quite common among people who choose Eastern practices and holistic medicines. There are four different varieties found on the market, each with its unique health benefits and taste. 

The tea has a beautiful yellow color, and the longer you steep the flowers, the intense the color becomes. 

9 Surprising Health Benefits Of Chrysanthemum Tea 

chrysanthemum tea

Aside from the delicious taste, numerous health benefits are too vast to be ignored. That said, let's take a more detailed look at nine surprising health benefits of chrysanthemum tea. 

1. Heals Your Skin 

If you are wondering how the tea can be beneficial to your skin, here is how. The drink is filled with beta-carotene. When you take the beverage, your body turns it to vitamin A. The vitamin has antioxidant properties that significantly help your body. 

Vitamin A takes away any damaged cells and oxidative stress located in and around your body. Think of it as a way to flush any toxic damage from your body. Did you know you can even use the drink as your topic ointment? 

Even though it may sound bizarre to smear the tea on your skin, it can be used to treat painful conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Aside from decreasing the redness, it can give you relief from the disease. 

2. Relaxes Your Nerves 

We are all aware of how stressful the day can be. Drinking tea can help you relax and destress you, making you vital again. The drink can reduce blood pressure, which can ultimately make you feel calm. The beverage can also decrease inflammatory conditions in your body and cool you off. 

3. Boots Your Immune System 

 Chrysanthemum tea contains high levels of Vitamin A and C, which can increase your immunity level. Vitamin C helps to stimulate white blood cell production, helping your body protect itself from free radicals. 

The drink has high potassium levels, magnesium, calcium, which can help you boost your immune system. 

4. Keeps Your Bones In Good Condition 

You probably do not consider your bones when taking the tea. However, there are significant mineral content found in the beverage that can increase your bone health. Chrysanthemum flower extract has minerals that can boost your bone density. If you start drinking at a young age, it can influence bone strength later in life. 

5. Enhance Your Vision 

As you may know, Vitamin A is good for your eyesight. As we grow, our macular degeneration and retinal neuropathy become a considerable concern. It is scary to have blurry vision, and no one wants to deal with such conditions, especially as we advance in age. 

Fortunately, it can maintain eye health when you take the tea and make it healthy as you continue to drink the beverage. 

6. Increases Your Metabolism 

chrysanthemum tea

You can find Vitamin B in the chrysanthemum plant, and this vital nutrient gives you folic acid, choline, riboflavin, and niacin. It helps your body function as it should so your blood circulation, hormones, developmental progress, and brain chemical activities will work properly. 

7. Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Agent 

The chrysanthemum drink is rich in antioxidants, and it helps to decrease inflammation and swelling in the body. If a person has a lung irritation or sore throat, sipping the beverage can fight against the common cold, including other viruses. Furthermore, it helps fight against respiratory conditions and congestion. 

8. It Prevents Chronic Illness

You can acquire numerous illnesses due to oxidative stress. Fortunately, you can sip the chrysanthemum drink to help sharpen your mind and improve your focus. The beverage does not contain caffeine, like what other tea contains. 

When there are high antioxidants in your body, it can stabilize the free radicals. It can prevent any cellular mutations that would prevent the body from functioning correctly. When the free radicals are in check, your body can effectively fight over any foreign attacks.

9. Increase Your Heart Health 

When you do not have a healthy heart, your body cannot function as it should. High blood pressure that is not treated can cause coronary artery disease. The chrysanthemum drink can be a simple way to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. 

There are numerous benefits that the chrysanthemum beverage has, and it contains potassium which is high in quantity. And potassium is a vasodilator, which means it keeps the blood vessels open, allowing the blood to flow freely. 


You can find numerous health benefits in various herbal teas. However, chrysanthemum tea is exceptional. It has many health benefits that can help you stay healthy and get through the day. The tea itself is delicious with a fantastic fragrance and beautiful yellow color. It is the perfect drink to enjoy with your family, colleagues, and friends while you enjoy the benefits that come with it. And that includes helping your skin, heart and keeping you immuned with various diseases. If you have a guest coming over, the chrysanthemum drink is a perfect choice. You can order online now, and we will immediately deliver it to you.