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10 December, 2019 | Bon Tea Cafe Updated 2021

Finding a Good Place for Coffee in Los Angeles

Los Angeles city is hot for coffee right now. With local coffee houses, roasters, and pour-over-stops are showing up on every corner in the city. Several new names have come on the scene, and you are guaranteed a real treat if you know how to find a good place for coffee in Los Angeles. As difficult as it is to fully describe the feeling of finding the ideal place for coffee, many people in LA know the feeling.

There are just a few things that can brighten your day, like the perfect coffee served at good coffee places in LA in town. That’s why it’s easy to tell when there is something amiss every time you visit a coffee shop that’s not the best. Many believe that finding a good cup of coffee is just a matter of asking Google or Alexa. Yes, these tools do help! Especially when you are abroad and do not know whom to turn to for answers to such questions.

Nevertheless, if you care enough about your coffee, you should be armed with in-depth knowledge to help you spot the best places to enjoy a cup or two.


Spotting a Good Place for Coffee


Hardcore coffee lovers know that no amount of coffee can make a bad coffee place give an excellent experience.

So what separates a good coffee place from the bad?

Keep reading to find five common characteristics of all good coffee places in LA.


They Make it About the People and the Coffee


Everyone who loves coffee has visited a coffee shop at least once. In these shops, customers sit, watch, and comment as the stream of espresso continues to change shape. Sure this doesn’t hurt anyone. However, it is easy for the less enthusiastic to feel out of place. A good place for coffee makes good quality coffee their number one priority. 

They dream it, roast it and make it. They know what they are about, and that is making good quality coffee. However, this doesn’t mean they make less knowledgable customers feel stupid or out of place. Good quality coffee is up there on the list, but it must take it’s deserved place beneath customer experience on the importance chart.


Good Coffee isn’t Sacrifice for Other Things


good place for coffee


Most of the best coffee houses in Los Angeles have a high amount of customer traffic daily. We hope to see automated systems that serve delicacies like bubble tea soon (some markets already have these). But don’t count on seeing these in town anytime soon. And even if you do, it will take a long time before they offer the same quality of service that a competent barista can provide. Nevertheless, the best places have the best coffee shop POS systems for serving clients. 

When you find a good place for coffee, you will notice they always have experienced staff that is capable of avoiding screw-ups even on peak days. Also, you won’t find them cutting corners on best practices and quality ingredients. Usually, you'll find that a good place for coffee is always busy (because they actually are!). However, you are unlikely to get the feeling that the staff is in over their heads. Such a place is where to drink the best matcha in Los Angeles.

And the line won’t seem unending. The one in charge of the iPad POS will fulfill dozens of orders in no time, and each of these arrives in tip-top quality at the table or the counter. To the observing eye, this may seem like a magic trick. But it’s just years of experience, knowledge and hard work. The combination of the three makes all the difference.


They Spend their Money in the Right Place


The profit margins are tight in the coffee shop business, even for that great coffee places in LA with raving reviews. Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise. This explains why many coffee shops choose a “minimal” inside look. However, this approach goes beyond the looks alone. It would be impractical for a coffee that is concerned with the right things to go for too expensive interior décor. 

Nevertheless, it’s not strange to find a coffee shop that chooses a more expensive outlook. This choice is mostly made at the expense of other aspects, which are more vital for the coffee shop experience. These more vital aspects are often employee pay. This would mean that such a tea shop might not attract the most experienced or talented workers. 

And then there is the case of burn out, which usually results from understaffing and overwork. In some cases, coffee should fail to spend the right amount of money on the core product. Or their equipment is subpar. Together, these factors can lead to a not too good coffee shop and a mediocre product. 

So which would you rather have?

A good coffee place or a bad one? The answer is, obviously, always the same. That’s if you care about your coffee and the experience you get at a good coffee place.


At least some snacks


good place for coffee


Coffee shops that offer some actual food are always great. Imagine doing your remote work at the best coffee houses in Los Angeles, and when you feel like eating something, you have to move out and travel several blocks away. It’s always great if you can grab lunch right where you get your best dose of caffeine. It is still best if you can get a highly curated selection of food. 

This way, you can rely on what you choose, even if it takes only a few seconds to choose from a few items on the menu the house offers. The fact remains that in-house treats are exceptional. These raise the bar, and it goes without saying that man cannot survive on coffee alone. After all, at the end of the day, we are all eaters. That’s why it's best to find a good coffee place where all your dietary needs are met.


You’ll Feel Good Vibes


You can confidently say you’ve found the best coffee houses in Los Angeles if you come across a place that feels good. The décor is relaxed, not anything cheesy –setting the right tone. Also, if you can find some plant friends, with lots of fresh breezes, it’s a lot of bonus points. Usually, such a good place for coffee will have something so inspiring you can’t help but Instagram it. It could be the pastries on display, exterior façade, or specialty drinks. 

Talk of the air, it has to be inviting and temperate. Most people feel more alive when they are enveloped in varied, good music playing at the right volume and among friendly faces. It may be a bit difficult to describe, but you’ll know it when you feel it.




Great coffee shops distinguish themselves in several different ways. The categories of service are diverse and unending. However, it is undeniable that some fundamental characteristics cut across. These are characteristics that every good coffee place must-have.

If you know a good place for coffee in LA that has these, you can count yourself lucky. It’s easy to know you are in a good coffee place the moment you step your feet through the door. You deserve the best, choose a good coffee place every time.

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