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24 June, 2021 | Bon Tea Cafe Updated 2021

How To Make Honeydew Milk Tea With Boba

Have you tasted honeydew before? If you've not tasted it before, then you are missing out! If you like boba, drinking honeydew milk tea with boba can make your day! Honeydew is a delightful melon comparable to cantaloupe. 

The beverage is popular in Asia, particularly in China, and even though the taste is similar to cantaloupe, it’s sweeter. The pale green melon is the foundation of what makes a delicious honey milk tea with boba. 

You can find the honeydew in some boba shops, but they only use the powdered form. Don't get us wrong. It's still good, but you won't get the same freshness and incredible taste as the real melon. 

Honeydew milk tea in LA mixed with boba is refreshing, especially on the summer hottest days. Ideally, the beverage is made into a smoothie-from texture for the best consumption, and just like any smoothie you take in the summer, it's highly satisfying. 

You'll love the smooth texture and taste. And you would want to drink with your family and friends every time the weather is hot. 

The Flavor Of Honeydew Milk Tea With Boba 

It can be challenging to find places that make bubble tea with fresh ingredients. What you get, as said earlier, are powders. However, if you get a boba shop that uses fresh fruits, we recommend that you taste the honeydew milk tea in LA. 

You and your loved ones won’t regret it! 

The fresh honeydew's sweetness and its unique melon flavor make boba tea a refreshing and delicious beverage. Typically, the bubble flavor is made with fresh honeydew or honeydew powder, milk or creamer, and a sweetener such as sweetened condensed milk. 

If you get the right portions of each ingredient, the beverage can be so refreshing that we’re sure you’ll order another one. You can even order honeydew milk tea online without the tapioca pearls. 

How To Make Honeydew Milk Tea With Boba 

honeydew milk tea


  • Loose-leaf green tea
  • A handful of fresh honeydew
  • ½ cup of cooked tapioca pearls 
  • ½ cup of creamer (soy milk, almond milk, etc.) 
  • Handful of ice


Step 1 

The first process in making the honey milk tea with boba is to get a pot of water and heat it to boil. When it reaches the boiling point, reduce the heat to medium-high and add the loose-leaf green tea to the hot water. 

You can choose any loose-leaf green tea you like. After that, let the green tea leaves and hot water steep for about three to five minutes, depending on how you want your taste. Of course, you can always steep longer than the said minute. 

When you’re satisfied with the taste and aroma of the brewed tea, switch off the heat and set it aside to cool. 

Step 2 

As you wait for the brewed green tea to cool, prepare the other ingredients as well. Take the freshly picked honeydew from your local supermarket and start cutting them into cubes. Put the handful of honeydew into a blender. 

Step 3

Once you prepare the honeydew and are ready to mix in the blender, you add the rest of the ingredients. Select your preferred ½ cup of creamer. You can use almond milk or soy milk and add it to the blender. 

Grab the handful of ice and add it to the blender as well. Your brewed drink should’ve cooled down a bit, likely to room temperature. You then add the cooled, brewed green tea into the blender. 

After that, blend everything. While blending, make sure to look out for a rich and smooth texture. It shouldn’t be too stiff or runny. Look for the perfect balance. 

Step 4

The last step is to take your favorite glass and first add your cooked tapioca pearls. After adding the cooked tapioca pearls, you can now add the fresh honeydew mixture you blended into the glass. What’s left is to add your boba straw and enjoy! You now have your delicious honey milk tea with boba! 

If you prefer to make your tapioca pearls at home, follow the steps in the next section. 

How To Cook Tapioca Pearls The Right Way

Before you cook the tapioca pearls, you need three things. First, you'll need tapioca pearls which you can find at a local Asian supermarket. Next, you'll need a pot of water and, finally, a sweetener of your choice. 

The sweetener helps with the kind of flavor you want the boba pearls to have. Most boba shops prefer to mix caramel or brown sugar syrup made from scratch. You can order your brown sugar syrup online or buy them at the supermarket. 

When you get your tapioca pearls, measure that quantity you’d like to cook, maybe a serving or two. Alternatively, you can measure 100g of tapioca pearls and begin with that. If the boba pearls contain lots of excess tapioca flour or start, you can wash them away. 

To do that, you can use a baking sifter which can help to prevent the pearls from slipping out. Now, it’s time to cook the tapioca pearls. 

Cook The Tapioca Pearls

Cooking the tapioca pearls is simple. Fill your cooking pot with water. If you don’t know the exact amount of water to use, check the back of the store-bought tapioca pearls. After you fill the pot with water, cook the water until it boils to around 100 degrees Celsius and 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

When it gets to the boiling point, you can add the tapioca pearls. Let the pearls boil for about 15-20 minutes until it softens. However, you can also check what the package of the tapioca pearls says about cooking and follow the instructions. 

It's essential to check the labels because some tapioca pearls can take just five minutes or less to soften. So carefully check the label. While the boba pearls are in boiling water, begin with the sweetener. 

Add Sweetener To The Tapioca Pearls 

honeydew milk tea in la

You can use different sweeteners to add to the tapioca pearls: brown sugar, a simple sugar, or even condensed milk. After you get your sugar, mix a serving of sugar (whether brown sugar or white sugar) with a cup of water and allow it to boil a little. 

Steadily stir the mixture slowly as the heat brings the blend to a boil. When you see a slight boil, lower the heat to medium and continue stirring for about ten minutes. You can also check to see when the mixture becomes thick and consistent. 

After ten minutes, or get the right consistency, pour the mixture into a bowl. 

Strain the tapioca pearls and add them to the sugar mixture syrup. Stir the tapioca pearls and the syrup well and ensure that they are mixed. What's left is to let it stay for 5-10 minutes before you add it to the honey milk tea. 

Of course, you can always order your delicious honeydew milk tea in LA with your boba, and you are good to go! 

Final Thoughts 

Making the honeydew milk tea with boba is simple and won't take much of your time. However, if you prefer to prepare the tapioca pearls yourself, that will take some time. But it would be worth the wait. If you want the best honey milk tea in LA, we recommend Bontea. We offer the best beverages to help you go through the day. You can order online now, and we’ll deliver your delicious drink to you at your utmost convenience!