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12 March, 2021 | Bon Tea Cafe Updated 2021

Is Low Acid Coffee Good For You?

Coffee has been one of the most consumed beverages worldwide. And it comes with numerous benefits that leave you wondering why you have not been sipping the coffee every day. Many studies have shown that taking coffee is good for your health. But on the other hand, coffee can be harmful to people with digestive issues, which is why low acid coffee is an excellent choice. 

Generally, drinking coffee can decrease the risk of dementia and heart disease. And it has antioxidants that may prevent cancer. However, according to Jamie Vespa, Ms. RD, the coffee and caffeine acidity can increase GERD symptoms and discomfort in the stomach. That is why she suggests that you choose dark-roasted coffees. 

The reason is quite simple: the beans are roasted for a long time, and that causes the coffee to lose some of its natural caffeine and acidity. And that results in low acid coffee. But should you be drinking coffee with low acid? Is it good for you? Let's find out, shall we? 

What Is Low Acid Coffee?

When you roast a coffee, the beans go through different chemical changes. As the beans absorb heat from the roasting machine, some things that develop are acids and sugar. In regards to the acidity level in any specific coffee, several factors come to play. 

Some of the factors include the climate, the level of roast, bean variety, growth latitude, and how the bean was processed. The pH scale is used to measure the acidity level, and an average coffee cup has a pH scale of 5. And that makes it more acidic than water, which is 7, but compared to orange juice, it is less acidic. 

Coffee with low acidity refers to coffees that have low levels of acidity. And thus, on the pH scale, the number would be higher than 5. The low acidity level can either be natural or may have been alternated manually. 

A New Category Of Low Acid Coffee 

low acid coffee

It is possible to reduce the acid and still enjoy your favorite coffee drink. There is a new category that has stormed the market recently. And it is not like the chemically-treated and burnt coffees you probably know. 

Some producers use steam and water to decrease their coffee acidity without sacrificing the delicious flavor naturally. The pH level rests comfortably at 5.74, compared to most light roast coffees with a pH level of 5. 

However, that also leads to the other mostly ignored problem with coffee acidity: you can cause harm to your enamel. According to Carolyn Cochran, DMD, a dentist in Irondale, your teeth start to soften and lose minerals when coffee gets to 5.5 on the pH scale. It might not be a problem for average coffee drinkers. But excessive coffee drinkers may have to talk to their dentists to find other alternatives. 

Another alternative to decrease your coffee’s acidity is cold brew coffee. With the cold crew process, you steep the coffee in cold water for 12-24 hours. When you do that, some of the acidity is naturally removed. 

Benefits of Drinking Low Acid Coffee

Most coffee consumers love to drink their beverages with their acidity. The acidity in coffee is so essential that numerous coffee roasters even select their beans and roast the coffee with acidity as one of the roast's primary objectives. But you may be prone to acid reflux or a sensitive stomach. And that means the acidity needs to be avoided at all costs. 

So what benefits do you gain from drinking coffee with low acidity? 

1. Easy On Sensitive Stomachs 

There is not enough scientific proof or numerous reliable peer-reviewed studies conducted on low acid coffee. However, many people believe that continuous coffee intake with a pH level of 5 can make it difficult for people with sensitive stomachs to return their acid levels to normal. 

Coffee with low acids is said to help people that suffer from acid reflux or heartburn. Some people may not suffer from these health issues, but some coffees are too acidic for them in the morning. This is particularly true when you have not had your breakfast yet. You can take coffee with low acid on an empty stomach. 

2. It Does Not Hugely Affect Your Teeth 

When you drink coffee with high acidity, you can wear down your protective enamel that protects your teeth. But with coffee with low acid, you can slow the process down. Unfortunately, even coffee with low levels of acid will not keep your teeth white. But the rate at which the coffee wears your teeth is far less than fruit juice or soda. 

How Does Low Acid Coffee Work? 

Before we talk about how it works, let's go through an overview of how the stomach works. It will better explain coffee with low acids. For the stomach to digest food, it needs the help of acid, called stomach acid. 

Two cells produce the stomach acid: gastric gland and parietal cells. These acids, together with other enzymes, break down food. It then sends it to the rest of the body system. 

When you consume certain foods with high acidity, the stomach acid tends to go out of control, causing acid reflux or discomfort. Coffee with low acids works by decreasing the amount of acid you put in your stomach. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Low Acid Coffee 


  • Coffee with low acid is ideal for people with sensitive stomachs.

  • It is suitable for people who suffer from acid reflux. 

  • You can find tasty, natural coffee with low acid.

  • It is better for your teeth. 


  • Because of how it is processed, it is difficult to find a well-treated and highly delicious coffee with low acids. 

  • Some natural low coffee acid does not contain sweetness and complexity because of the conditions they were grown in.

Types of Coffee With Low Acids 

low acid coffee

There are two types of coffee with low acids: natural and treated coffee with low acids. The treated coffee with low acid is the coffee that has been roasted in a specific way to remove much acid content in the coffee. 

It is mostly done by roasting the coffee at low temperatures for a long time or using steam or water. The treated method can decrease the acidity content to about a Ph level of 6. The natural process is called natural because the coffee happens to be naturally low in acid. Many of these natural coffees are grown in low altitude and warm climates. 


Coffee plays an essential part in millions of people’s lives worldwide, and there is a high chance that it is for you too. Numerous people have issues with the acidity of coffee. As you probably know, coffee acidity can harm your body. 

For some, it causes acid reflux, while it damages the tooth enamel of others. But you can try out low acid coffee if you have similar issues. We cannot tell you what kind of coffee you should take. However, we recommend that you speak with your doctor to know what type of coffee is best for you. If you want to order your favorite coffee online, we can help you with that. Our team will deliver your orders to you immediately!