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14 June, 2020 | Samira Valiyeva

Order Boba Tea at The Heart of Los Angeles [Updated 2020]

With its wide variety of flavoring and exciting toppings, Boba tea is a favorite drink of many people, regardless of nationality. Though Boba tea originated in Taiwan, it quickly became popular in other parts of the world. The taste pattern of this beverage changed a lot to make it more enjoyable for the unique preferences of people outside Taiwan. Sellers started to add different options of flavor, which also brought them competitive differences from other Boba tea sellers. Currently, if you want to order Boba tea, you will have a broad selection of flavors to choose from. It might be challenging to decide which one caters to the buyers' distinctive taste, especially for the first-time drinkers. 


Order Boba Tea


If you want to order Boba tea in LA, one of the perfect places for this beverage is Bontea cafe. It brings a unique selection of drink types that will satisfy the expectations of any customer. There is an option for you to look for a refreshing drink or a wellness beverage.

If you order Boba tea online without seeing it during the evaluation, it is essential to get the drink from a store that uses high-quality ingredients. As Bontea sources premium quality, organic tea for their offerings, you can order Boba tea with peace in mind and enjoy the delicious beverage.


Rose Love Tea


rose tea


This beverage joins Chinese rose petals with milk to create authentic taste. It is incredibly delicious and refreshing with a slightly sweet taste of the petals. Plus, rose petals have long been used to treat digestive issues in China, and contain many vitamins. Rose tea also brings pale pink coloring to the drink, which makes it excellent for your Instagram feed!


Black Lavender Tea


Another very visually satisfying and tasty option to choose when you order boba tea is Black Lavender tea. The term 'Lavender' comes from the cute little heart-shaped jellies they add into the milk tea. It contains freshly brewed dry lavender florets combined with the milk and gives a beautiful color to the drink. The cafe usually uses coconut milk for this drink, but you can choose which type you wish. With additional ice cubes, this beverage is a perfect refreshing option for summer nights. 


Taro Milk Tea


Taro milk tea is one of the best options if you want to order boba tea with a strong and unique taste. Taro is a nutritious root plant which facilitates blood sugar and weight levels. This drink has a purple color similar to Black Lavender tea. Combined with tapioca pearls, it is fun to drink such a unique taste. These pearls are taste-less. However, they absorb any flavoring the drink has. Hence, eating tapioca pearls burst an instant flavor of taro. 


Black Forest Tea


Another refreshing taste with sweet berries and a lot of ice cubes is Black Forest tea. It includes blueberries and raspberries, which makes it one of the preferable options at Bontea Cafe. If you order boba tea online and are not sure which one tastes better, you should choose this drink. Some people might not be familiar with unique tastes, such as Matcha or lavender florets. However, most of them love berries. Hence, Black Forest tea has a satisfying taste for many customers. Also, adding boba pearls is a good idea as these chewy bubbles are fun to eat. 


Matcha Milk Tea


matcha milk tea


With its bright green color, Matcha is already familiar to many people, even outside the eastern parts of the world. Matcha is a green tea powder, which becomes famous quickly due to its health effects. If you want to order boba tea with high antioxidants, it will be the right choice. This drink also helps to lose weight and protect the liver.

Bontea cafe joined this unique powder with the milk to create delicious beverages for health-conscious customers. By adding chewy boba pearls, drinking healthy drinks turned to be fun. It is best served with ice cubes as a cold drink. You can even order rose matcha tea to add extra little rosebuds to your tea, which will look cute.


Jazz Passion Tea


It can never go wrong if you order boba tea in LA with your favorite flavoring. This exciting drink combines organic Jasmine tea with milk and strawberry or passion fruit syrup, as you prefer. Get some extra pearls and ice cubes to have a refreshing morning drink in this cafe. With its sweet taste, even kids like the Jazz Passion Tea. You can have your drink with cow milk, coconut, almond, or oatmeal milk, depending on your taste. Also, if you prefer mango flavor, you can order boba tea called "Mango Jasmine Tea." It is similar to Jazz Passion Tea as it has Jasmine tea content and your choice of milk. But instead of strawberry/passion fruit syrup, it is made with fresh mango syrup.  


Iced Caramel Latte with Boba


Iced Caramel Latte with boba pearls is a fantastic way of getting energized if you cannot start your day without coffee. The coffee used in Bontea cafe is organic and high-quality, which is certified. This beverage is sweet, cool, and fun to drink with its chewy bubbles. It is one of the unique offerings which combine coffee with tapioca balls. A similar alternative to this drink can be Choco Frappe. The beverage combines chocolate, coffee, milk, and boba pearls that none can stand against it.


Green Popcorn


Do not get confused with the name of this tea. Green popcorn refers to the special tea type used in this beverage. Baristas in Bontea Cafe prepare this drink with organic Genmaicha tea. Genmaicha is a popular Japanese tea option that combines green tea leaves with roasted brown rice. As rice roasts and pops, it gets the name 'popcorn,' though it has nothing to do with corn.

Genmaicha is a visually unique drink alternative with its exceptional taste. But do not worry, it tastes fantastic. Plus, this tea type is beneficial for dental health and blood sugar level. Green popcorn tea is definitely for you if you want to order boba tea with a distinctive taste and have an authentic experience.


Classic Milk Tea


classic milk tea


Finally, you can also order boba tea with no additional flavoring, in its purest form. Classic milk tea combines organic black tea with the milk of your choice. By adding hand grafted sugar, it becomes a little more enjoyable. Classic milk tea is one of the most preferred options of people who order boba tea online for the first time. As Classic milk tea is the main version of the drink, it is better if you get familiar with it without any additional flavors. 




Ordering boba tea can be difficult for people who will try it for the first time. With many options of flavoring, add-ons, and sinkers, it can be hard to choose which milk tea caters to your taste expectations the best. If you order boba tea, which combines high-quality ingredients, there is no doubt that it will taste delicious. At Bontea cafe, we use premium quality ingredients and offer different types of milk to satisfy the needs of all our clients. 

So go ahead and order your delicious boba tea online now! Our delivery service will make sure you get it on time. You can also visit us at 7275 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046, and enjoy your favorite beverage while having quality time with your friends and families. 

If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will immediately assist you. 

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