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30 June, 2020 | Bon Tea Cafe Updated 2021

Order Coffee Online: Exclusive Offers from Bontea in LA

For many years, people have drunk tea or coffee for many various reasons rather than quenching their thirst. People drink tea to relax, revitalize and soothe, and many other reasons which we may never know. But one thing is for sure, it's something we need every day, and it's a good thing we can order coffee online without leaving our homes.

In this guide, we'll show you the particular aspect of Bontea you've never seen before and why through Bontea, good coffee is becoming a symbol of peace and serenity.

Let’s get into it.


The Early Beginnings Of Bontea


“I, the founder of Bontea, was raised in the Middle East. As you probably know, tea is the dominant drink of choice in the Middle East. 

When we planned to set up Bontea, we made it our mission to help people go through the day with an excellent cup of tea. And at the same time, change the perceptions surrounding tea through our unique and new tea-making. 

How did we achieve this feat?

We merged the traditions of the American and the Middle Eastern tea creating spectacular recipes in the Bontea shop. Now, Bontea offers numerous organic menu choices and gradually changes the way we view coffee and tea in the morning.

Since then, our primary goal and passion have been to change conventional tea choices. It's quite amazing to see what can be achieved when you combine two different cultures.”


Bontea: The Coffee And Tea Shop In Los Angeles


order coffee online


Even though Bontea offers you the choice to order coffee online in LA, we also provide a friendly, comfortable, and peaceful environment for you to hang out. Have you ever thought of hanging out with your colleagues to finish an assignment? What about having a relaxing conversation with your family?

Whatever the occasion, our coffee and tea shop has the right atmosphere for you to get together, even if you want just to hang out. Every drink you taste is made with precision, care, and love. We are not kidding! The end goal is to make sure that you have a wonderful drinking experience. 

Whether it’s the best taro milk tea in LA, taro smoothie, banana chocolate waffle, and many more, you’re assured of a great taste.


Bontea’s High-Quality Ingredients


At Bontea, we are very articulate about the ingredients we use because you're our utmost priority. We carefully select the best kinds of tea leaves and mix the tea ourselves with other ingredients that give up its unique flavor and taste. 

When it comes to quality with our ingredients, we provide

  • Natural flowers and tea leaves

  • Freshly roasted, tested, and approved organic coffee

  • Organic diary including non-dairy milk such as oat milk, almond milk, and coconut milk

  • Natural flavors to enhance the taste

We acquire high-quality coffee and tea from across the world and create new recipes for you. You can also get Boba tea, bubble tea flavors, and many other beverages at our shop. Better yet, you can order coffee online in LA, and we'll deliver it to you.


Order Coffee Online: Our Exclusive Menu Offers


We have five menus you can order online: tea, coffee, smoothies, wellness, and waffles. The menu items range from black mojito tea, caramel macchiato, wildberry smoothie to classic Belgian waffle. We are confident you’ll find the flavor that best fits you. You can check our organic menu choices and order your favorite menu now! 


Order Coffee Online: Our Exclusive Catering Offers


There are three specially designed catering services we offer. We understand that we are always in a busy routine and don’t have adequate time to savor precious moments. That’s the sole purpose of our catering services.


taste your favorite beverages


We let you enjoy the sweetest moments in your corporate tea party, home tea parties, destination events, etc., while we concentrate on the services for that day. With our catering services, you can set the event type, the number of people, and any dietary restrictions and we will deliver it right down to the book.

We offer three primary catering services: Tea catering, coffee catering, and bubble tea catering. Regardless of the type of tea party, you need not worry. We can give you the best services you need. 

If you want to host an event at a particular location or home with a unique theme, we can deliver the best service with exact precision. We make sure your tea party becomes a memorable one. That’s our hallmark! With our specially made organic tea and hors d’oeuvres to sparkling china and silver, your party will feel royal.

The only thing you have to do is invite your guests, and we will take care of the rest. If you want to know more about our catering services from our customer service, please contact us, and we will immediately assist you. 


Features Of Our Catering Services


We offer the following features at Bontea:

  • A broad range of teas you can select from

  • Teas of premium quality, personally handpicked across the globe

  • Well trained staff to accommodate your guests

  • All the menus are natural to ensure good health

  • We treat every occasion differently. For example, our bubble tea catering services offer unique services from coffee catering services.

  • Special menus that add extra flavor to every occasion

  • The prices are cost-effective


Order coffee online


How To Order Coffee Online From Bontea


Follow the simple steps below to order your favorite coffee and tea from our menu list.

  1. Click Order Now either here or at the top of this page.

  2. If you select the “pickup” option, you will go straight to our unique selection of beverages. Choose the one you prefer and add it to the cart. From there, insert the quantity you want and proceed to checkout. 

  3. In the "delivery" option, you can choose Doordash or UberEats. Click your preferred choice, select your preferred item, and hit delivery.


Why Should You Choose Bontea?


We believe the real question should be, "Why not choose us?" We are passionate about a great cup of tea or coffee. Our goal is to bring back the true essence of tea, and its benefits in our lives.

We are committed to providing uniquely handmade, organic drink choices you can enjoy, including the best desserts you can have in Los Angeles. Regarding our catering services, we have professional baristas who are well-versed in designing coffee artworks for any event.

In all, we ensure that your guests are fully satisfied, creating a memorable moment for you to enjoy.


Final Thoughts

If you ever need a place to study, catch a moment, or hang out with your friends, Bontea is definitely the place to be. You can order your favorite drinks and waffles in a soothing atmosphere.

You can also order coffee online in LA. Our quick delivery services will ensure that you get your coffee on time before it gets cold. Wherever you're in Los Angeles, we will make sure you get the best tea on time. If you’re facing any challenges with any of your orders, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our team will help you right away! You can locate our coffee & tea shop at 7275 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046. Melrose Avenue is a place for entertainment, sightseeing, and numerous other activities. Pay Bontea a visit when you are around!