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Organic Coffee Shop Secrets: What's in the Coffee?

As the trend of indulging in healthy consumption habits becomes more popular, organic coffee has become an increasingly popular topic. As coffee lovers, we are always on the lookout for new studies on the health benefits of coffee. Most of the recent studies have led to the induction of "organic coffee" in leading chain stores and supermarkets, as the market moves towards more health-oriented choices. This has led many people to build their own organic coffee shop. Before going out to locate an organic coffee shop in Los Angeles, you should first know the difference between natural and traditional coffee.

Organic coffee is coffee that is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or other chemicals. Organic coffee is instead grown using natural fertilizers, for example, compost or chicken manure, providing more healthy coffee beans for harvest. Organic coffee beans are also proven to be rich antioxidants and better for the body than traditional coffee.

Traditional coffee tends to be heavily chemically treated using synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and insecticides. It is not only harmful to our health but also raises environmental concerns. The use of synthetic chemicals is a health hazard as chemical residue in the water and air can negatively affect human health.

Let's discuss a few facts about healthy organic coffee, which I guarantee will have you walking into an organic coffee shop sooner or later.


The Type of Beverage Organic Coffee Shop Should Serve


Firstly, healthy organic coffee has to be farmed and treated naturally. This means using natural pesticides, fertilizers, and insecticides. This makes it much more expensive to produce than conventional coffee beans. Organic coffee farmers have to incur many costs to achieve organic certification. Some of these costs are for inspection, annual certification fees, and labor costs. Therefore, an organic coffee shop usually tends to have higher prices than traditional coffee or tea shops.

Another fact is, while it is healthier, organic coffee isn't necessarily of higher quality than traditional coffee. Coffee quality is determined by numerous factors, which include the type of soil used, harvesting methods, processing methods, the roasting process, freshness, etc. Therefore, coffee lovers may still prefer the taste of some traditional coffee brands over some organic coffee brands, and vice-versa.


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Another helpful fact to note is that the production of organic coffee is more environmentally friendly than the creation of traditional coffee. Organic coffee is usually grown in the shade of forests and provides a habitat for plants and animals. It also helps to sustain soil fertility and is better fortified to handle unusual weather patterns caused by climate change.

This makes it a safer investment. Through the use of organic fertilizers, farmers can decrease the deterioration of the quality of their farming soil. It also allows the natural resistance of the soil to diseases to increase. This leads to the production of healthy organic coffee because the soil obtains added natural nutrients, beneficial for other upcoming planting and harvesting seasons. Therefore, an organic coffee shop offers you a healthier and more environmentally friendly coffee choice.


Organic Coffee Roast and its Preparation Process


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It is also good to note the fact that organic coffee roasts have to be roasted on a separate roaster, used solely for organic green beans. The equipment has to be meticulously cleaned between roasts. Certified organic coffee beans that go into a roaster that has been used for roasting non-certified coffee beans, it can no longer be labeled organic.

This is why any organic specialty coffee shop worth its name needs to research their suppliers, to ensure that the coffee they are selling is truly organic. Also, other equipment such as the brewers or grinders should also be exclusively used with organic coffee beans to prevent contamination.

Another fact about organic coffee production is that it usually is done through dry processing. Dry processing is a natural way of organic coffee processing. The process includes hand-picking the coffee beans and then placing them in individual bags that are not contaminated by any chemical substances. Afterward, the coffee bean fruit is washed and dried naturally under the sun. The dry process ensures that no extra chemicals are used, as the beans go through natural conditioning. The coffee beans are then roasted and sold to consumers as a final product.

Now that we have covered a few facts on organic coffee let's discuss some advantages of organic coffee in Los Angeles.


Advantages of Organic Coffee In Los Angeles 


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1. Keeping Impurities Out of Your Coffee

There have been cases where regular coffee has been tested, and impurities were found. An advantage of organic coffee is that it reduces the chance of contaminants by using natural compounds. It avoids synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides that are detrimental to our health.


2. It Contains Helpful Antioxidants

The antioxidants found in organic coffee are naturally occurring chemicals that hinder the oxidation of other substances. Natural coffee antioxidants produce numerous positive health effects. Regular organic coffee consumption can lower the risk of certain cancers such as colon, endometrial, and prostate cancer. Therefore, it is a great health-conscious choice to walk into a good place for coffee and order a steaming cup of coffee.


3. Excellent Flavour and Aroma

Many people indulge in organic coffee simply because of its pleasant aroma and flavourful taste. Organically growing coffee in the shade produces a more flavorful coffee.


4. Organic Coffee Improves Energy Levels

Drinking a cup of organic coffee in the morning helps to stimulate the body and mind, helping you to stay alert and decisive. This is due to the presence of a substance called caffeine, which travels through your bloodstream to your brain. Studies show that consuming coffee improves various brain functions such as memory, energy levels, reaction times, and mood.


5. Organic Coffee Contains Essential Nutrients

One cup of coffee contains essential nutrients. These include riboflavin, magnesium, potassium, niacin, and manganese. Therefore, consuming more than one cup a day increases your nutrient intake.


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6. Organic Coffee Helps to Burn Fat

The element caffeine in coffee helps to burn fat by boosting your metabolic rate by 3-11%.


7. Organic Coffee Increases Physical Performance


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Consuming a cup of black coffee roughly an hour before working out can improve performance by 11-12%. This is because the caffeine stimulates your nervous system, increases adrenaline levels, and breaks down body fat, preparing you for physical exertion.


8. Lowers the Risk of Depression


Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and boosts the production of serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline, which brightens your mood. Having better feelings lessens the risk of depression, and in turn, lowers the risk of suicide. That's why having beverages rich in caffeine such as coffee, matcha tea or black tea might have a positive impact on your overall mood.


9. Lowers the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a common health issue characterized by high blood sugar levels due to the body's reduced ability to secrete insulin. Studies show that coffee drinkers have a 23-50% lower risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.


10. Lowers the Risk of Alzheimer's and Dementia

Alzheimer's is the most common neurodegenerative disease affecting persons over 65 and has no known cure. However, there are numerous preventative measures you can take to ensure you do not develop this disease. These include subscribing to a healthy diet and proper exercise, but drinking coffee is also useful. Several studies have proven that coffee drinkers enjoy a 655 lower risk of Alzheimer's.




We have covered what organic coffee is and the advantages associated with it. You can now walk into any organic coffee shop in Los Angeles and be confident that you are ordering the healthier choice. If you are new to the area or aren't familiar with great picks, I recommend Bontea Café. They deliver some of the best organic coffee in Los Angeles. Your taste buds will be pleasantly surprised!

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