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4 August, 2020 | Bon Tea Cafe Updated 2021

Top 9 Drinks The Best Tea House in Los Angeles Offers

Visiting Bontea - The Tea House in Los Angeles might just be one of the best choices you have made. It could be the scorching summer sun, or the cold breeze winter wind, whichever it is, Bontea cafe has you covered. We are offering pure drinks or beverages that are not anything out of the ordinary. 

On your visit to Bontea cafe, you can expect to taste almost any kind of tea. You can have the simplest of organic teas such as mint, and chamomile to the more abstract mango jasmine tea. Every drink is unique in its taste and feel. Bontea cafe does not only offer simple herbal tea options, but you can also grab a cup of various bubble tea and iced tea options. The point of this article is to familiarize you with the best Bontea has, grab a cup, and check out the top 9 drinks our tea house in Los Angeles has to offer!

Milk tea

Milk teas have found a way into the Los Angeles tea house frenzy. They have come a long way from the busy streets of Taiwan and China to the heart of the sunshine state, and for a good reason. Milk tea (also known as bubble tea, or boba) seems to always find its way with everyone due to its endless amounts of flavors. If you do not enjoy one taste, you are sure to find another. Bontea Cafe may just have the best boba in LA and is sure to have a flavor waiting for you to fall in love with. See it as a relationship that won't leave you homeless; in fact, it will give you home right in its heart. If you want to get all poetic while sipping a milk tea, here are some flavors that Bontea offers.

Thai milk tea

tea house in los angeles

It doesn't get simpler than Thai milk tea. A blend of milk, tea, and boba to get you introduced to the bubble tea world. Are you a picky drinker? Then you can go ahead and choose what goes into your drink. If regular milk is not what you are after, there are six other milk types. Anything from soy milk to oat and whole milk and anything in between can be ordered.

If you are already a boba tea drinker and want to try out different toppings, you are also in luck. Egg pudding and popping bubbles are all on the menu if you wanna get creative. Wanna kick a little love dust into the air? Go for love jelly to spice things up. You won't get anything better in a regular Tea House in Los Angeles, and it is no secret that this place has the best bubble tea in LA

Toffee black caramel tea

Toffee black caramel tea is for those who want something a little extra, and even the name is a mouthful. Any other Tea House in Los Angeles would claim that they have the best toffee black caramel tea, but you would only have to taste the one at Bontea Cafe to make up your mind. 

Premium grade toffee black tea is used as the base for this tasty beverage. Just as with any drink served at Bontea Cafe, you can use your own choice of milk. The main star of the show, which is caramelized black sugar, is then hand-shaken over the ice until it is frothy and chilled. This tasty mixture of heavenly goodness will keep you fresh during hot summer days while leaving an unforgettable taste in your mouth. 

This joint might just have the best milk tea in Los Angeles, not just milk tea, but an endless amount of other beverages to start any part of the day. 

Ice tea in LA

Wanna have something more straightforward than milk tea, but still wanna keep the flavors? Go for Bontea cafe's scrumptious selection of ice teas. Iced teas are lighter than boba tea, but they tend to have more robust flavors, mainly tea. Sure, tea shops have a wide selection of warm and cold beverages, but it is places like Bontea Cafe that have perfected the art of going the extra mile.

Mango flip ice tea

mango flip ice tea

Only an amateur Tea House in Los Angeles would serve a regular ice tea. But this joint is adding a bit extra to the simplest of flavors. There are a few people that will not enjoy a tropical mango flavor in their drinks. If you are not in the few and not proud, then make sure to grab a cup of this mango-flip ice tea. 

Mango flip ice tea is a mixture of cold-brewed organic mango, coupled with berry batch tea. Then the mixture is served over ice to ooze the hot summer heat away. Wanna get a little creative with your drink? Then there are many topics for you to choose from. Both boba and lychee can be added to the beverage upon your request. If a tropical and forest berry mix is not your teacup, then there are other options for you to enjoy.

Ginger Peach Ice tea

ginger peach ice tea

Ginger tea alone is one of America's favorite tea flavors, both iced and regular. Bontea Cafe is staying loyal to the demand and offering ginger peach ice tea. Peach tea alone is a drink that knows no season or time, have it in the morning, have it at night, hell you can even have it in the winter. 

Bontea Cafe has found a way to make things better by adding ginger to the mix. The drink is a mixture of cold-brewed peach tea and organic ginger. Then there is also the addition of ice. Just as with any drink in Bontea Cafe, you can top things off with a topping of your choice. 

Herbal Tea

If you don't have that big of a sweet tooth or are not in the mood to have something extra, you can opt for a selection of herbal teas at Bontea Cafe. Any regular tea house in LA might have a variety of herbal teas, but they might lack the organic and freshness of Bontea. In general, any coffee or tea house tends to serve herbal tea under the banner that it is fresh, but are they? Take a look at the selection at Bontea, and decide on your own.

China rose tea

China rose tea is sure to bring back many warm memories. Although the drink carries a fancy name, it is far from being irregular. The tea is a mixture of handpicked rose petals from Shandong China, which are traditionally brewed. You can enjoy the beverage, either iced or hot. Having it warm would be sure to drive away from anything that wants to ruin your health and comfort. Indeed a drink worthy of only the best Tea House in Los Angeles. 

Chamomile Mint Tea

chamomile mint tea

Organic chamomile tea is as best as it gets when it comes to a hearty drink. Being both tasty and healthy, the drink has a well-deserved place on this list. Almost every Tea House in Los Angeles tries to get a piece of the action when it comes to serving the freshest chamomile mint tea, but can they outclass Bontea cafe? The secret to being the best one to serve drinks is now no longer a secret. Bontea makes the drink by adding mint leaves and freshly brewed organic chamomile into an iced or hot beverage. Sounds simple right? Well, not everyone seems to get it right the first time.


Bontea cafe can be your favorite tea house in Los Angeles, and why shouldn't it? This listing was only long enough for 9 of their top offerings, but there surely are countless others. It seems that this cafe has perfected the art of the perfect brew. Knowing that Bontea Cafe has a wide selection of drinks, from the purest rose tea to the complex flavors of taro bubble tea, you will surely not be left out when finding the best one. Pick a day, pick a drink, and get started on your journey to finding the top drinks in this Bontea!