what does almond milk taste like
12 December, 2020 | Bon Tea Cafe Updated 2021

What Does Almond Milk Taste like?

Have you ever wondered what almond milk might taste like? Especially how it will taste like when you add it to your boba or bubble tea? 

For many years now, other options for dairy and different types of milk have become more popular. Instead of cow's milk, there's now oat milk, almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, etc.

But why is that? 

The reason is partly due to people's change in diets. More people are now mindful of their health, and that has led to various dairy-free diets. If you are lactose intolerant, exploring other milk alternatives is what you search for in coffee and tea shops. And that also includes vegans. 

Besides, there are more health benefits in non-dairy milk compared to most traditional dairy milk. Who would have thought that we would change the types of milk we consume? That is crazy, right? 

Now, to the main question: what does almond milk taste like? 

The Yumminess of Almond Milk 

If you have never tasted almond milk before, you will probably assume that it tastes like almonds. That is far from the truth. The taste of the milk has more resemblance to cereal milk or sweet dairy milk. 

Let's break down the flavor for you. 

If you taste any unsweetened almond milk, you will notice that it really tastes good! It is not sweetened, yes. But it has this underlying nutty almond flavor (not too much, though). And a slight trace of creaminess. 

There is not as much fat in the milk as compared to other dairy milk. And that means the milk is a bit more watery when you compare it to the traditional cow's milk. But it is okay, and it still tastes good. You can believe us! 

If you ever try the sweetened version of the milk at any coffee shop, you will be surprised at how it tastes. It's amazing! Familiar flavors of the milk include chocolate, vanilla, honey, and cinnamon. Of course, it all depends on what you want and what you will end up drinking. 

The Taste Test 

the taste of almond

Spoon University conducted a taste test between the traditional milk (cow's milk) and almond milk. They did so with the types of milk in three different ways: 

  1. Plain. That is a glass of milk poured into a plain glass. 
  2. Cereal. Poured the milk into plain Cheerios 
  3. Unsweetened Iced Latte


The first test was the plain milk. They both looked almost the same, including the tastes. But the main difference was that the almond milk was a bit sweeter. So if you don't like the taste of the traditional milk, you can opt for almond milk. 


The cereal used for the experiment was unsweetened. Because of that, those who liked the almond milk preferred the sweetened taste with the unsweetened cereal. However, some raised the concern that it will become sweeter when you mix the milk with sweetened cereal. 

But that is totally up to you and your preference. If the cereal's taste is important to you, you can go with the regular cow's milk or other milk alternatives. 

Iced Latte 

The results obtained from the iced latte were fascinating. For those who did not prefer the taste of coffee, they liked the almond milk iced latte. But even though the milk covers the taste, you will still get the bitter taste afterward. 

Those who preferred the coffee went with the traditional cow's milk iced latte. 

Other Uses of Almond Milk Besides Drinking

Of course, you can drink the milk without adding it to anything. But what other popular uses can you use the milk for? First of all, any time you head to one of the best boba cafes in Los Angeles, you can ask for milk alternatives. 

Usually, your local bubble tea shop will have and should have almond milk. If they don't, then you probably shouldn't be there. What kind of coffee shop wouldn't have milk as an alternative, especially in this day and age? That's pretty weird! 

You can also use the milk as a protein shake. Nothing goes better than adding the milk to your protein shake. Try it and see! There are other uses of milk, such as dressings, smoothings, and even baked products. 

Advantages of Almond Milk 

There are benefits that come from drinking milk. Some of them are as follows: 

It is Nutritious 

The milk usually contains Vitamin D, calcium, and protein. And that makes the milk more similar to regular milk in terms of nutritional value. But the milk is richer in numerous minerals and vitamins, particularly vitamin E. 

It Has Low Calories  

Even though almonds have high calories and 50% fat, commercial almond milk contains low calories. That means you can take in more of the milk drink without gaining weight. In terms of the calorie content, it holds some nutrients in it. 

The companies that produce the milk dilutes it with water. That makes the fat content almost the same as low-fat milk, usually about one percent fat. When you take one cup of the milk, you get 39 calories. And that is 50% of calories in a cup of skim milk. That's cool, right? 

But you also have to know that not all almond milk is the same. For example, when you produce milk at home, the calories increase. And some brands have many calories in the milk. So before you buy one, you need to check the number of calories before you buy them. 

Furthermore, some companies add sugar to the milk, which you should avoid to increase your health benefits. 

Bottom Line: Almond milk made from factories may contain few calories, but it doesn't hold for all companies. 

Unsweetened Almond Milk Does Not Increase Blood Sugar 

what does almond milk taste like

As stated earlier, numerous milk made of almonds in the market contains sugar. But those that contain no sugar are low in carbs. The milk is high in protein and fat compared to its carb content. And that's why it does not increase blood sugar levels. 

However, we advise that you read the list of ingredients and choose pure products as much as possible. 

It Strengthens Your Bones 

If you want the richest source of calcium, look for dairy products. On the other hand, almonds are one of the poorest sources of calcium. However, the products usually enrich it with calcium. So if you do not take dairy products, almond milk may be your best option. 


So what does almond milk taste like? In short, delicious! Even though the two kinds of milk had similar taste test outcomes, almond milk was still the preferred choice. The preference is probably due to the little sweetness the milk has, which helped in the three tests. 

However, in terms of taste, the two kinds of milk are good. But the almond milk tastes better. Healthwise, almond milk is much better compared to other traditional milk. 

That said, if you want the perfect place to have your favorite almond milk tea, Bontea is the right choice. Want to order instead? No problem, we got you covered.