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6 February, 2020 | Aftandil Shahbazli

What Wonders You Can Do With Waffles For Breakfast [Updated 2020]

Waffles for breakfast have been the staple dish in Europe and parts of America. The consistency of the traditional waffle may beg you to change some of its ingredients a bit. Sometimes there comes a need to go beyond the usual butter and syrup. Don't get me wrong tho; there is nothing wrong with the butter and syrup concept; it's just there is certainly room for spicing things up once in a while. 

The regular honeycomb pattern with that fluffy taste that everyone loves can help you create wonders for your breakfast. But over the years, waffles have been seen as the go-to food for a lazy Sunday morning. It could be easier to just bake waffles for breakfast by putting them in a waffle iron than flipping pancakes all morning. But that is where the issue arises; you have been doing it wrong all this time.

Making simple breakfast waffles and eating them, will leave you hungry after a while. Instead, you can learn some tricks to make wholesome and healthy waffles for breakfast that will certainly turn your lazy weekend to an exciting one. The point of this article then, is to show you what a waffle can be, so without further ado, let's dig in!


Best Waffles For Breakfast


The best breakfast waffles do not need to be drowned in butter and sugar syrup to taste good. You have many options on your list, and depending on your taste preferences, the sky's the limit! Since a waffle is baked batter, it does not have to be sweet. You can also break the misconception that waffles are not healthy! Having whole-grain batter with fresh and nutrient-rich toppings can be healthier than most options out there. These treats can transform from the syrup stickball you have come to see them as, to the healthy day starters they really are. 

There are some healthy waffles for breakfast ideas that are sure to lighten up your day. Adding something as simple as greek yogurt alongside honey and blueberries can be one of those ideas. You can never go wrong with the sweet taste of blueberries. They add to the overall look of your final dish, and certainly put a smile on your face. Instead of the ordinary butter cube you put on your waffles every morning, try almond butter with honey and sliced apples. Honey, as you can see, is seen as a great way to crunch that sweet tooth appetite.

But if your sweet tooth game is not that strong, don't worry, there is a cure for that too. It might sound rad, but try adding fried eggs, pico de gallo, and avocados to your waffles for breakfast. As stated above, a waffle does not have to be sweet; it is a somewhat neutral batter mix that you can alter to taste. The fried eggs with avocados and the salad will definitely be a tummy-filling option that won't let you go hungry for hours. All the while, it is filled with nutrients. 


Waffles for any occasion


waffles for breakfast


Who says you can only have breakfast waffles? This may seem a bit off-topic, but waffles can be eaten at any time of the day. For some people, breakfast must be a meal that is comprised of sweet things, like organic tea, coffee, and more.

If you have no borders regarding this, then you can apply the waffles for any occasion to your breakfast list. A waffle can be a lifesaver for the morning after those rough nights. You can brunch on at any time, and call it breakfast at 1 pm. There are especially good waffle places in Los Angeles that have become the hub for the waffle revolution. 

So then, these topping ideas can be added to your breakfast, and well beyond breakfast hours. Try a topping of pork chops with maple syrup and sliced pears. This may seem very abstract, but then again, its food, and food has no borders. The blend of meat with medium sweet, and high sweet content can actually tingle your taste buds. If such abstract ideas are not for you, then you can switch on over to a topping of sauteed mushrooms with shredded parmesan and caramelized onions. This mix can be beautiful for your brunch needs and in general cravings. 

Mixing meat products with waffles can be a great breakfast meal, along with those brunch days. Some people even go to the extent to add spicy ingredients to their waffles. Sweet corn and spicy maple syrup may sound like a confusing mix, but if it exists, then chances are it is good. So give it a try. 


Over-the-top toppings


Imagine a Friday night out where you have a couple of too many beers or shots. Naturally, you tell yourself you will never drink again, but hey, you tell yourself that every weekend morning. It is well known that a hardcore hangover deserves an equally hardcore breakfast and brunch.

You might even just want to try new things at the best waffle places in Los Angeles. Whichever the case, having over-the-top toppings when having breakfast waffles can be quite the treat. There is a certain pleasure in drizzling, sprinkling, and topping your waffles with the ingredients your heart may desire. 

If you are a waffle nut, you may have heard of The Elvis. It isn't a hard recipe to make, but it is sure to be flavorful. Adding peanut butter, bacon strips, and sliced bananas to your waffles for breakfast can both brighten your day and your tummy when it comes to the summer seasons; however, it feels nice to cool down. In this case, you can go for The Sundae waffle mix. Simple things like ice cream, caramel syrup, chocolate syrup, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and a nice cherry on top can be what you need on those warm summer mornings. 

Here is another way to get your sweet tooth moving. Try marshmallow fluff with chocolate sauce and graham crackers for that s' more taste without the need for a campfire. There is really no limit to what you can do with breakfast waffles. Each recipe can be crafted to individual taste and liking. 


Getting creative


waffles for breakfast


You might have guessed by now that creating waffles for breakfast requires imagination. There are ways to alter waffle batters for any occasion, whether breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. Instead of getting crazy with the waffle toppings, you can also try unique recipes that spice up the plain waffle batter everyone knows about.

With the help of a non-stick grease, you can go crazy with anything like mashed potatoes and brownie batter to turn them into waffles. You might think mashed potato batter will simply not work, but add a bit of chive and cheddar to see your opinions change. 

Having a magical breakfast can also mean having hashbrown waffles with salsa, guacamole, and fried eggs. You can even keep it simple by having a sugar cookie waffle that you can top with powdered sugar and sprinkles and add a side of tea for all things greatness. Every ingredient of batter can also be adjusted to taste and preference. There are many healthy regular and vegan savory waffles you can try out according to taste. Since everyone is different, it takes trial and error to achieve the optimal taste preference. 




Having waffles for breakfast does not need to be a routine task for you. No need to make a waffle for the sake of filling up your stomach. There are hundreds of recipes out there that can brighten up your mornings. You can also create healthy breakfast waffles that help you start your mornings right. The key is not to hold back, and experiment. Who knows, you might even invent the next corn cereal and revolutionize the way everyone eats waffles!

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