Experience The Authentic Waffle House In LA

Crispy on the outside, warm and doughy on the inside.

waffle house in Los Angeles
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Welcome to Bontea Waffles

We invite you to experience our uniquely authentic Belgian waffles in Los Angeles along with our specialty teas and beverages. Made from the finest Belgian ingredients and served plain or with a variety of fresh toppings and fruits. What’s more, your waffles are accompanied by melted butter and homemade jams to make them sumptuously delicious.

Choose from multiple flavors, or simply customize your waffle experience to match your taste buds. What are you waiting for, get a real taste of Belgium Waffles, and enjoy Bontea’s warm surroundings alone or with friends and family.

The Bontea Experience

waffle house in Los Angeles

Waffles are subject to the highest quality standards with only the most authentic ingredients. Get a taste of Europe in a waffle house in Los Angeles.

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A wide variety of toppings and fruits to choose from - Customize your waffles experience like never before and make them scrumptiously satisfying.

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Compliment your waffle experience with the largest assortment of specialty teas, coffee, and cold beverages – The all-in-one waffle house in Los Angeles.

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Come down to our café for some tasty food, relax in the rejuvenating environment; or enjoy our take-out in the comfort of your own home.

AboutBontea Waffles

The humble waffle dates back to the 9th century with the discovery of antique waffle irons in Belgium. From this time on, the love of its simple and delicious taste has become an obsession around the world. Bontea offers this centuries-old Belgium tradition with a freshly baked modern twist.

But wait…. Bontea is not just a tea shop or a Walfflerie; it is an experience to be enjoyed. The moment you enter our doors, you will be greeted with the delectable aroma of some of the finest in the heart of waffle house Los Angeles. We take pride in providing friendly and swift service to our guests or those who are traveling and are "on the go."

waffle house in Los Angeles
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4 Steps to Waffle Heaven

  • Choose Your waffle flavor (Banana, Strawberry & Chocolate.
  • Fresh ingredients are blended together and added to the waffle batter.
  • This mix is then poured into an oven and baked for 3-4 minutes.
  • Waffles are ready to be served with your choice of toppings and fruits.

Toppings to make your day

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A super yummy combination of butter, sugar, and banana that makes a special treat anytime.

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Treat yourself to flavorful strawberry topping that is perfectly sweet, fresh and SO delicious!

waffle house in Los Angeles


The rich chocolate sauce is the perfect topping for crispy, classic Belgian waffles.

  • Matcha Tea

    Green Matcha Tea doesn’t just look great but goes oh so well with Waffles.

  • Boba Tea

    The perfect combination of East meets West. A unique composition of flavors intertwined into one.

  • Hot Cocoa

    Cozy up with a glass full of hot cocoa and your deliciously made waffle.

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