Come for the Art,
Stay for the Taste

Today tea is underrated among most people, and our primary mission is to bring a new approach to conventional tea choices. Bontea team is proud to offer organic and the best quality of desserts and unique drinks in Los Angeles.


Tea Yes,
You Maybe..

Our friendly and comfortable environment will let you spend a fantastic time with your beloved ones or come with your computer for work. While enjoying a rich and delicious flavor in your cup, you will not know how the time has passed. To let you have an enjoyable Bontea experience, we have highly trained team members to welcome you. We choose our team members carefully and spend a lot of time and effort for their training.

High-Quality Ingredients

As a Bontea team, we care what you are eating and putting in your bodies. From selecting the type of tea leaves, picking them carefully, and mixing with other ingredients, each cup of tea has its flavor and taste. Therefore, we get high-quality tea and coffee from all over the world and renew the tea traditions for you. We believe in the notion that a single cup of tea is capable of bringing creative new ideas.

Natural Tea Leaves And Flowers
Fresh Roasted And Certified Organic Coffee
Organic dairy and non dairy milk ( Almond milk, Oat milk, Coconut milk)
Natural Flavors

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Bon Tea

As Bontea founders, we have grown up in the Middle East, and tea has particular importance for us. We aim to change opinions about tea while bringing new and unique tea choices for our customers. We have combined Middle East tea with American tea and created unique tea recipes for you. At Bontea, our customers will be able to find all kinds of high-quality and more importantly, organic tea choices. We make a huge difference in the market by combining two different cultures and bringing a new, unique taste for you.


As Bontea founders, we have grown up in the Middle East,
and tea has particular importance for us.

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Our shop is on Melrose Avenue, which is a destination for entertainment, food, and shopping. Avenue has become one of the exciting places that you could never feel bored. During your visit, you can spend your time doing shopping while exploring the unique and vintage type of boutiques.


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