Your Perfect Addition to Tea Party Celebrations

Organizing a memorable, fun, and refreshing event can be challenging, especially when you’re looking to serve guests something unique or special. Bubble tea and Matcha, are without a doubt, two drinks that add that extra oomph. If you are looking to take the bubble tea matcha route, Bontea Bubble Tea Catering has got your back! We’ll treat you to high-quality catering services with premium quality bubble tea and matcha so you can sit back and enjoy each special moment.

From launch events, to conferences, to weddings, to birthdays, and beyond - we love bringing tasty experiences to all kinds of events. With Bontea, you can have your guests sip your freshly frothed cup of bubble tea and velvety matcha whenever you please for any occasion.

bubble tea catering
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Corporate Branding

We pride ourselves on the highest quality teas, together with professional-level services. Carefully selected from organic ingredients, Bontea offers naturally flavored wholesome drinks. Our team of qualified baristas are trained to brew unique tea experiences and serve it with extra care to deliver an all-round tea-lovers experience.

Bontea Catering brings to fore its unique services at affordable prices, so customers enjoy premium services like never before.


  • A wide selection of teas to choose from
  • Premium quality teas handpicked from around the world
  • Well trained and groomed staff to please guests
  • An all-natural menu that promotes good health
  • Tailored made events that are unique in every way
  • Special menu items that add extra flavor to your event
boba tea catering

Corporate Events

Be the hero of your office and add flavor and excitement like never before.

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Everything should be flawless on your big day - Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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Graduation Parties

Say hello to fresh beginnings with a healthy dose of refreshing tea.

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bubble tea catering in la bubble tea catering boba tea catering

Why Us?

Tea created a sense of nostalgia for most people - it symbolizes family, meaningful conversations, and time well spent together.

We decided to fuse Asian and American cultures and change the way people look at tea in the West. Our goal is to build bridges between diverse cultures with the help of bubble tea catering in Los Angeles. Our chief ingredient is a cup of freshly brewed tea leaves, velvety pearls, and creamy matcha.

At Bontea, we celebrate diversity in every aspect of tea preparation, particularly, in joining traditional tea with modern brewing methods. Bontea bubble tea catering, as a result, delivers exceptional flavors from high quality, organic ingredients.

Bontea is by your side at any event, whether it is a graduation party in the backyard or a large corporate event spanning multiple days. Our team of professional baristas delivers premium-quality service to any event of your choice. Our staff is highly trained to work efficiently and perform even under stressful situations to ensure your event is a big success.

Bontea bubble tea catering is just one sip away. Please fill out the contact form below, so our friendly representative can call you and understand your needs

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Our coffee and tea shop is in Los Angeles, on Melrose Avenue, a destination for entertainment, food, shopping and sightseeing. Melrose has become one of the most visited areas in Los Angeles. There is so much to do you can't get bored! During your visit, you can spend your time shopping and exploring unique shops and vintage boutiques. But first, BonTea!


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