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30 April, 2021 | Bon Tea Cafe Updated 2021

Japanese Iced Coffee Is A Great Idea In The Summer

Are you looking to drink your favorite coffee but still feel refreshed in the summer months? The delicious and easily prepared Japanese iced coffee is the answer! 

Japanese iced coffee is the summertime coffee that you can make at home with little effort. Smooth and intensely flavored Japanese iced coffee Chemex drink will be your new summer habit. 

Although it can take hours to brew coffee from scratch, we will cut some corners in our recipe so you can skip right into the easy part! It will take you as little as 5 minutes to prepare it in your home or office and get the refreshment you deserve whenever you want. 

Japanese iced coffee recipe is excellent on its own, but you may add your favorite syrups to make it more delicious if you want. 


Japanese iced coffee, as its name suggests, is a Japanese method of cold coffee brewing. Japanese iced coffee has more intense flavors compared to the other cold brew recipes. Japanese cold brew comes into contact with ice during the brewing of filter coffee and can cool down without the acidity of hot coffee. This liquid is in the form of ice and pour-over. 

If you love iced coffee and do not have too much time in the mornings, it is a perfect choice. Once you have done and experienced the taste and know-how easy to prepare, you will want to drink it all summer.

Japanese iced coffee is essentially iced pour-over coffee. It brews a balanced glass of chilled coffee that you may enjoy immediately. It is so delicious and funny to prepare, but there are not lots of ways you can use and adapt it to create new drink experiences.


japanese iced coffee

Both Japanese iced coffee and standard iced brew coffee have their own place, but their place is not the same because of the brewing methods. The main difference between the two various methods is the brewing time of the ground coffee. 

Japanese iced coffee is ready in about 5 minutes with the v60 brewing equipment or Chemex, while the standard cold brew is brewed in cold water for 12-20 hours in the cold dripper equipment. For this reason, Japanese iced coffee saves you a great deal of time and allows you to prepare and consume it whenever you want quickly.

When preparing a standard iced coffee, coarsely ground acid coffee is used to prevent the coffee from getting bitter during long brewing. In the Japanese iced coffee method, as the coffee brews quickly, medium-finely ground coffee is used to pass all its aroma into the water.

In the standard cold brew, the micro coffee grains are mixed into the water, and a more bodied and dense coffee is obtained. In the Japanese cold brew, the coffee brewed through a fine filter and poured into an ice-filled jug is smoother.

The main thing to know is that brewing Japanese iced coffee is very similar to how you brew your hot coffee: the same machines, same grinds, same water temperatures, same techniques. The real differences are related to the introduction of ice and the change of the water to coffee ratio. Other things stay pretty much the same, we may say.   



  • 700 ml of hot water
  • 70 g coffee beans
  • 300 g ice

 Preparing Japanese cold brew is very practical and easy. You need v60 or Chemex to brew the coffee and a coffee jug to mix the brewed coffee with the ice. 700 ml of hot water (95 degrees) is used for 70 g of coffee. You can prepare Japanese iced coffee by following the items below in order.

  • Wet your equipment and filter paper with hot water so that the coffee does not taste paper.
  • Add 300 grams of ice into the jug.
  • For 70 grams of coffee, start brewing it with 700 ml of hot water.
  • When all the water is consumed, the coffee accumulated in the lower reservoir will cool down, thanks to the ice. Your Japanese cold brew is ready to serve!


japanese style iced coffee

Although the coffee preferred for cold brew varies from person to person, dark roasted coffees with intense and strong aromas are a much better option to achieve a high aroma in cold brew and obtain the right taste notes brewing style. Keep in mind that good quality coffee always makes a difference with this method.


You can make the presentation of Japanese iced coffee in many different ways. If you intend to stock it in the refrigerator and consume it for a long time, you can bottle it and store it and present it this way. If you offer it to your friends or customers, you can serve it by adding ice into a glass cup. Optionally, you can add milk or your favorite syrups to enrich its aroma and bring it to a suitable intensity for those who love soft drinks. If you like it, perfect! Just enjoy!