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30 January, 2022 | Bon Tea Cafe Updated 2022

12 Coffee Brewing Accessories For Coffee Lovers

We know how coffee connoisseurs love coffee brewing accessories. 

Whether it's a simple hand grinder or an espresso machine, you'll indeed find something you'll find helpful in brewing your coffee

Of course, these coffee brewing accessories come in different sizes and shapes. But at the end of the day, these accessories make it more convenient and enjoyable to brew and drink your coffee. 

This guide will show you various binders, brewers, and other accessories for brewing your delicious coffee. 

With that said, let’s begin. 

Top 12 Coffee Brewing Gadgets For Coffee Lovers 

1. Wacaco Nanopresso 

If you're looking for a portable espresso machine, consider this gadget. Its innovative pumping mechanism can generate up to 18 bar of pressure, ensuring constant extraction.

Nanopresso takes it further by providing a larger brewing chamber, a 15% reduction in required pumping pressure, and a slightly smaller form factor.

This gadget is an excellent option if you like portable coffee makers. However, you prefer the pour-overs. This portable brewer makes your pour-over coffees one of a kind.

2. Stanley French Press Cofee Maker 

Even though French presses have been there for ages, it’s still one of the most popular methods for brewing coffee at home. Their allure stems from their uncomplicated nature.

This Stanley French Press coffee maker, on the other hand, is a little more involved. And it's fantastic. You have to fill this mug with boiling water and coffee grounds. Then, press down the French Press Insert after your preferred brewing time has passed.

The gadget includes fold-flat handles, a drinking lid, and dishwasher-safe components. And, of course, Stanley's outstanding durability and warranty come as standard. 

3. Conical Burr Coffee Grinder 

This coffee grinder grinds coffee evenly from fine to coarse, critical for optimum flavor extraction. Unfortunately, when the coffee grounds are not even, it shows varied brewing rates. And that could result in weak or poor coffee. 

You won't have to refill the hopper very frequently because it holds a three-quarters pound of coffee beans. It's also colored for UV protection and features an airtight cap to keep the beans fresh.

4. MK4 Thermapen 

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The ideal water temperature is critical for making the perfect cup of coffee in a French press. If the water is boiling, the coffee grounds can scorch, resulting in a bitter taste. Also, it can under-extract if the water is too cold, resulting in a weak flavor. 

This coffee brewing accessory is quick and accurate results. You can use it for everything from fluids to dense foods, and it folds up for storage.

5. Coffee Gator Canister 

If you want to keep your coffee fresh and tasty, you should invest in a sealable coffee canister. It protects the beans from harsh odors and oxygen, allowing them to keep their fresh flavors for extended periods.

A brilliant calendar wheel is attached to the top of this canister. You can quickly remind yourself of the age of the beans by spinning the wheel to the date when the coffee bag was first acquired, including the roasted beans' expiry date.

This model can hold up to 260 grams of whole coffee beans. But, of course, if you want a higher capacity, you can get one too. 

6. Acaia Lunar Scale 

Acaia Lunar Scale is one of the best scales for brewing coffee. Maintaining a close eye on your ratios helps you better understand how you brew your coffee and allows you to duplicate that recipe quickly.

You won't have to guess how much coffee to use anymore. You can now measure it precisely every time, without any gut instinct or guesswork. 

The device is designed for busy cafes and is extremely exact with six different in-built modes. As a result, you can simplify your experience from bean to coffee cup, making it great for smaller filter brews and espresso.

7. AeroPress Coffee Maker 

Because of its almost impressive design and indestructibility, the AeroPress is one of the best gadgets for making coffee. It's a versatile and straightforward present for any family member or friend, regardless of age or coffee expertise. 

AeroPress is simple to use, simple to clean, and simple to transport.

This accessory is a unique morning pick-me-up that combines the preparation procedures of both an espresso machine and a french press. 

8. Cuisinart Kettle

If you frequently use a pour-over, French press, or other manual coffee brewing methods, you'll need a good kettle. However, if you want your water to reach the right temperature quickly, this cordless electric kettle is the best option.

Cuisinart's cordless electric kettle has blue LED indicator lights and six preset heat settings. The 30-minute keep warm option makes an already convenient piece of equipment even more practical, including a 360-degree swivel power base.

9. Stagg Pour-Over Kettle

The elongated gooseneck spout of this pour-over kettle allows you to pour like a barrister, and the entire appearance is modern and elegant. It’s perfect for people who appreciate brewing coffee at home and looking flashy while doing it.

The Fellow Stagg Kettle also has the following features:

  • A counterbalanced handle encourages pouring at a faster pace.
  • A 195-205 degree Fahrenheit brew-range thermometer that’s easy to read
  • Safe to use with gas, electricity, and induction.
  • A wide range of finishes and colors are available.

It's no surprise that this kettle is quickly becoming a favorite among industry professionals.

10. Grosche Milano Espresso Maker 

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Nothing has replaced Moka Pots, despite breakthroughs in coffee technology. Stovetop espresso's popularity stems from:

  • the ability to make multiple cups, 
  • its convenience of brewing, and 
  • the robust flavor.

Grosche's gorgeous Moka Pot is made of the highest food-grade aluminum and can be used on electric, gas, or camping stoves. If the white color doesn’t appeal to your aesthetic sense, the red, black, or silver models are available.

This brewer is easy to use and clean, thanks to the high-quality heat-resistant handle, silicone seals, and knob. 

11. Zulay Handheld Milk Frother 

A handheld milk frother won't produce latte art-worthy milk, but it'll create a foam layer to pour over your cup. 

However, foaming doesn't have to be limited to milk. It can be used to whisk matcha powder before boiling tea or incorporate protein powder into water or your favorite beverage. And cleaning the small frother is as simple as turning it on under running water – it doesn't get any easier than that!

12. Timemore Chestnut Coffee Grinder

They are good grinders out there on the market; no doubt that. But Timemore Chestnut C2 outperforms most of them. A few years ago, you would have chosen Porlex Mini or Hario Skerton. But you have a third and best option now - Timemore Chestnut C2 coffee grinder. 

Aluminum makes up the sleek body, while stainless steel makes up the hand crank. It comes with 38mm conical steel burrs on the inside. It grinds quickly, has a smooth hand crank motion, and delivers consistent grinds.

Final Thoughts 

Coffee technology is constantly improving, which has made coffee brewing to be more pleasant now. In addition, you can now choose from various coffee brewing accessories to enhance your coffee-making experience. Even if you don't plan on buying one, it's always entertaining to look at the vast array of coffee gadgets available. Hopefully, some of the coffee accessories mentioned in this guide can help you make your daily coffee.