tiger milk tea
26 December, 2020 | Bon Tea Cafe Updated 2021

How To Make Tiger Milk Tea

As you may probably know, tiger milk tea is prevalent nowadays. And people search for this milk tea over 1,000 times each month, according to Google. And the search keeps growing bigger! 

Did you know that the tiger milk tea got its name due to the colors and stripes formed on the glass when served? The milk tea has also been made into an ice cream bar, and it is delicious! 

You should be aware that people call tiger milk tea by other names. Here's the list of the other names, so you do not get confused with it. 

  • Tiger boba tea
  • Brown sugar pearl milk tea 
  • Black sugar bubble tea 
  • Pearl bubble tea 
  • Tiger sugar milk 

With that said, let's dive right in on how to make brown sugar pearl bubble tea


Step By Step Preparation of Tiger Milk Tea 


1 cup of muscovado sugar 

1 cup of water 

2 bags of black tea 

1 and ½ cup of oat milk 

The ingredients listed above yield 1-2 servings and take about 40 minutes of your total time to prepare. 


Step 1 

Before you begin the Pearl bubble tea, we recommend that you start preparing your boba pearls. If you don't know how to prepare the tapioca pearls, we'll give you a step by step guide after showing you how to prepare the black sugar milk tea. 

You can skip the steps now and check below before you proceed with the pearl bubble tea

The first step is to create a highly thick brown sugar syrup. The reason is to sweeten the milk tea and give the inner cup of the drink the stripe appearance. In the end, you will have a tiger stripe look, and that's why it is also called tiger milk tea. 

If you want to make the brown sugar syrup from scratch, here is how to do it. Add 1 cup of muscovado sugar and 1 cup of water into a pot. Heat the pot until it boils and decrease the heat for it to simmer. Do not forget to stir occasionally. 

You should look out for thick consistency like molasses. You can compare the consistency to that of caramel (if you have ever made some from scratch). That's the kind of texture you should look out for. 

After getting the right consistency, put it aside and let it cool down. 


Step 2 

What you do next is to take the one and ½ cup of the milk you prefer and boil it. When the milk boils, add two black tea bags. You can use loose leaves as an alternative. There are specific loose black tea leaves that bring out a pleasant aroma and deep flavors. 

You can use whatever tea leaves work for you. Steep the black tea leaves for 3-5 minutes. With that amount of time, you should get the full percentage of the tea flavor. After it has steeped for a minimum of three minutes, remove the tea bag or strain the loose leaves. Allow the tea to cool, preferably get the tea to cool to a room temperature. 


Step 3 

Take your shaker and pour in the steeped tea, including a few ice cubes. Shake well for about 1-2 minutes until it becomes freezing. 


Step 4 

It is now time to bring all the tiger milk tea together. Take out your favorite cup and add as many tapioca pearls as you want. After, get the syrup mixture you made and line the brown sugar syrup in the cup. 

The final step is to fill up a glass with the milk tea you shook. You are now ready to enjoy your delicious tiger milk tea. 

We hope you enjoyed the brown sugar milk tea recipe. Below, you'll find how to prepare tapioca pearls from scratch. 


How To Prepare Tapioca Pearls From Scratch 

There are three things you need before preparing the tapioca pearls. First of all, you need your tapioca pearls, obviously. You can buy them at your local supermarket. Secondly, get a pot of water, preferably a non-stick pot. 

Lastly, you'll need a sweetener to help with the overall flavor of the boba pearls. You can prepare the brown sugar syrup yourself or purchase it at a boba shop. Follow these steps to prepare your tapioca pearls. 


Step 1 

The first step is to boil water. Ensure that you add seven parts of water to one part of tapioca. 


Step 2 

Pour the tapioca pearls into the boiling water. It is preferable to let the water reach the boiling point before you add the tapioca pearls. 


Step 3 

Gently stir the tapioca pearls, so it does not stick to the bottom. 


Step 4 

Allow the tapioca pearls to float to the top. When it does, cover the pot and maintain the boiling point for about 15 minutes. Do not forget to stir every five minutes. 


Step 5

After 15 minutes, turn off the heat and let the tapioca pearls cool for 15 minutes. Wash the pearls with cold or lukewarm water and drain the water. 


Step 6

Pour the tapioca pearls into a container and mix with a sweetener of your choice. Cover the container, and serve when ready. 


You need To Instagram Your Milk Tea Quickly. 

There is a reason why tiger sugar milk has crazily spread worldwide, from Singapore to Los Angeles. It all comes from the brown sugar caramel. The usual bubble tea in Los Angeles comes with brown and white sugar that everybody knows. 

The magic happens when the brown sugar caramelizes into syrup. It creates this nutty, delicious flavor that you can't resist. 

When you want to post this fantastic milk tea on your social media handles, such as Instagram, you should know a few things. The caramel stripes that line inside your favorite cup is breathtaking. However, you will need to take the picture quickly because the stripes dissolve faster. So you need to put everything in place before you proceed with the shot. 



If you have not tried the tiger milk tea yet, this is the right time to taste this delicious milk tea. With the simple steps explained in this article, you will perfectly create your tiger milk tea without any difficulties.