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16 March, 2020 | Samira Valiyeva Updated 2021

Must-try Bubble Tea Flavors for The First Time Drinkers

You have probably heard the name or seen the Bubble tea beverage several times. Currently, people can find a variety of bubble tea flavors, both traditional and adapted, that cater to the taste of even non-tea drinkers. Originally from Taiwan, this beverage quickly became popular in the United States and other parts of the world due to its beautiful texture and unique taste.

By combining freshly brewed tea, milk, boba pearls, fruit slices, or other toppings, this delicious drink creates a feast in the mouth. As it spread from east to west, the ingredients used in the drink also changed with the influence of different cultures. The multitude of available flavors might confuse the first time drinkers, too. Hence, to help you choose your flavor, we present 10 most delicious flavors for Bubble tea that first-time drinkers must try.


Popular Bubble Tea Flavors


Before the discussion of must-try flavors, it is necessary to understand the elements of Bubble tea. Usually, three main ingredients are being present in this drink. The first one is the liquid part, which can be any tea, with or without milk. Second, the liquid needs sweeteners such as sugar, various types of syrups, etc. Lastly, to add a unique taste to the beverage, people use fruit slices, ice, or boba pearls. These pearls are like small round jellies with a fun texture. 


Traditional Milk Bubble Tea with Tapioca Pearls


As mentioned before, the toppings and Bubble Tea flavors adapted to the tastes of various cultures as its popularity spread. However, many people still prefer the original form of the drink. For this beverage, usually, black tea and milk are mixed with boba tea pearls. Sugar acts as the primary sweetener. Though it does not have much of a unique flavor, the taste is exciting in its simplicity. Plus, Tapioca pearls have a distinctive texture, which is fun to eat. 


Taro Root Tea


This bubble tea gets its flavor from the roots of the taro plant. The powder made from the taro root is added to the drink, which gives the beverage a creamy, rich flavor. Taro root is not so popular in places like the United States, so you might wonder how it tastes. Fans of this beverage claim that it has a taste very similar to vanilla. With such sweet aftertaste and fun Tapioca pearls, the drink can be quite addictive. Also, its purple color is lovely. Usually, people who prefer Bubble Tea as a beverage for their special events choose Taro tea both for its taste and look. 


Matcha Bubble Tea


bubble tea flavors


If you want to get a flavor that is more similar to your taste, you can choose a Matcha bubble tea. This earthy flavor of green tea leaves is already popular in a variety of drinks, including Matcha coffee. Bubble tea with this flavor is even tastier because it also incorporates almond milk, honey, and sure, boba pearls. Similar to Taro root tea, high-quality Matcha tea has a rich, creamy texture, too. Plus, Matcha tea has tons of health benefits, such as boosting metabolism or burning calories. 


Honey Melon Bubble Tea


The flavor of Honey Melon is excellent for people who look for sweet, yet refreshing drinks. This type of bubble tea is famous all around the world, especially as a summer drink. In other seasons of the year, Honey Melon can be semi-sweet. Some shops add extra sugar to get a more pleasant taste. However, it is advisable to drink it plain, without additional sugar for keeping it as nutritious as possible.


Thai Tea


People who do not like additional toppings or fruit taste in their drinks can opt for Thai tea flavored bubble tea. This drink has an orange color, which gets it from the distinctive tea leaves, Ceylon tea. Its taste is sweet and creamy, a little similar to black tea. However, some Bubble tea places can use food coloring to get the traditional, intense color of the Ceylon tea. Therefore, before getting this drink from a shop, it is always better to ask if they use food coloring. 


Mango Bubble Tea


Another excellent fruit tea that satisfies those with tropical flair is Mango Bubble tea. Its semi-sweet taste is also very refreshing on hot summer days. For extra chill, consumers can ask for shaved ice. Adding it to bubble tea, both changes the texture and makes it more suitable if you are drinking it on the way on hot days. Besides, mango flavor is familiar to many people. Hence, first-time drinkers who want to avoid strange Bubble tea flavors can choose this drink with peace in mind.


Strawberry Bubble Tea


As its name already implies, this tea does not have a unique taste. Strawberries are most people’s favorite berry type. Its sweet taste is pleasant for everyone, from kids to older people. Therefore, newbies in Bubble tea have a high chance of liking the taste of strawberry flavor. This beverage comes in various textures. In some bubble tea shops, it is liquid, like water.

Meanwhile, others keep strawberries in a more creamy form, like a smoothie. You can also get a strawberry slush in your bubble tea. Just ask for some shaved ice and enjoy the refreshing delight. 




Genmaicha tea, or Popcorn tea, is a unique Japanese drink. It is a mix of roasted brown rice and green tea leaves. It is the brown rice which gives a unique flavor and smell to the high-quality green tea drink. The sugar and starch from the rice create a nutty, warm flavor. It is an excellent taste for more chilled days. Additionally, people can ask for any milk, especially almond milk, to take the flavor to the next level. 


Chocolate Bubble Tea


chocolate bubble tea


This flavor is not typical to see in shops. One of the main reasons is that common Bubble tea flavors usually relate to Eastern cultures. Also, chocolate can be perceived to have much stronger bonds with hot drinks rather than refreshing bubble tea. Yet, if you come across with this drink, you must give it a try. Being uncommon does not mean its taste is not worth it. Chocolate Bubble tea is surprisingly delicious. If people can get cheese foam on top, it will taste even better. 


Black Chamomile


Organic teas like Chamomile have excellent health benefits. It soothes emotions, reduces stress, helps to sleep well, and improves digestion. However, due to its distinctive earthy taste, some people might not like it. In this case, black chamomile tea is an excellent choice for bubble tea newbies. By mixing black tea with chamomile, the strong taste of the latter one reduces and becomes more suitable to the preferences of a broader audience. By adding milk, and Tapioca pearls, it will even create addiction. 




While spreading from one region to another, people came up with new ideas to improve the taste of the tea and make it more suitable to their preference. Therefore, current Bubble tea flavors have a vast range. From traditional brown sugar milk tea to chocolate tea, people can get any Bubble tea in their local shops. In Bontea, we also serve flavors from different parts of the world to satisfy the needs of various customers. You can enjoy fruity flavors, like strawberry, mango, passion, fruit, etc. They can also try more traditional tastes, like Matcha, Genmaicha, Thai, or classic milk tea. Plus, our friendly staff is always ready to guide first-time drinkers with the right suggestions. 




With the outlined popular bubble tea flavors, we are sure that you’ll be able to select the best flavor that suits your taste. Do you want to try out any of the bubble tea flavors? Don’t worry. You can order online right now, and we will deliver it safely to you. 

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