Rose Tea
24 April, 2020 | Bon Tea Cafe Updated 2021

Rose Tea - The Hot Drink for The Senses

Rose tea can be seen as a different breed of organic tea. The reason for this is, certain other beverages are mainly consumed because of their nutritional benefits and taste, and rose tea is chosen because of its aroma. 

The core of the tea is an organic tea coupled with the main ingredient, which is rose petals. You can find these combinations with green, black, or any other type of tea. In most cases, the mixing of rose petals to the tea means the drink will have a subtle and lighter taste. If you have your taste buds on alert, prepare yourself for a more potent aroma and a hint of sweetness depending on the mixes. This isn’t unexpected because the very idea of the tea is to appeal to a wide variety of senses and put anyone who drinks it under a spell. 

You can always find many descriptions of rose tea with the words beautiful, floral, etc. This means that in addition to its marvelous taste, the person drinking it will also be treated to other bonuses. These bonuses may be the sweet aroma, just as you would buy a rose bouquet for the smell, and the eye-pleasing beautiful display, just as you would buy flowers for the looks. Hence, you can use almost all of your senses like smelling, seeing, and tasting to enjoy rose tea.


Humble Beginnings


The tasty story of rose tea can be traced back to Canada in the year 1894. You can thank Theodore Harding Estabrooks for his addition of rose to the drink you know of today. He was a local businessman that first had a lightbulb come on above his head when he thought about producing and packing quality blended tea, which was the same from one cup to another. 

Before this idea came about, you had a chance to purchase tea from tea chests that were loosely sold by local merchants. This meant that the quality of the tea would vary a great deal from one merchant to another. As you might have understood by now, there weren’t any specialty coffee shops that sold exotic teas and coffee. Through the invention of Estabrooks, any tea lover could easily count on the quality of the tea in every package. 


Rose tea is the answer to a non-caffeine drink


Rose Tea


If you are to visit any coffee place, you will be met with many kinds of popular hot drinks like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. The problem with that is, most of them will contain massive amounts of caffeine. Yes, of course, everyone needs caffeine to get through the day, and it can hold many positive side effects.

These effects may be less fatigue, more alertness, and a boost in energy levels. This much boost does not come without its slightly negative side effects. You could feel an increase in blood pressure and have feelings of anxiety as a negative side effect of consuming too much caffeine. Hence, some people prefer to grab something caffeine-free from an organic coffee shop on their way to work. 

If you do not have an organic coffee shop with different caffeine alternatives lying around, you are in luck. The tea is a great natural alternative to caffeine-filled fast-food style drinks. This is primarily a great option since you can never know how much caffeine is in your cup. Having this tea nearby would be a great alternative to the unhealthy drinks you have come to consume regularly. 

You should also keep in mind that teas that have rose blends usually have caffeinated tea as a base with a mix of rose petals. If you are considering going with a 100 percent non-caffeine drink, you should look for tea packs that contain 100 percent rose petals. 


Rose Tea Benefits


What can make you visit a rose tea cafe more often? Well, the benefits, of course! The tea benefits are way more than the negatives, if there are any. Here are a few health benefits that come with drinking tea with rose petals. These benefits should be enough to change your mind when looking for the next good place for coffee.


Weight loss and hydration


Rose petals in the tea are mainly made up of water. Since keeping hydrated is essential, drinking at least two cups of the tea a day can add to your total water intake significantly. If you do not drink enough water every day, you could quickly become dehydrated. This will lead to many problems for your body like muscle cramps, fatigue, headaches, a drop in blood pressure, an increase in heart rate, and even issues in the skin. To not face the challenges mentioned above, you will need to make sure you have enough water throughout the day. You can do this by consuming foods that are rich in water, and focusing on drinking regular water, tea, coffee, and even rose milk tea if you want to have fun.  

Moreover, water can help you in your effort to lose weight by increasing your metabolism. Studies show that consuming half a liter of water can contribute to a 30 percent increase in metabolism alone. Even more so, some researchers suggest drinking water before meals. This can aid you in weight loss by giving you a feeling of fullness and reducing the overall calorie intake. At last, having a constant intake of water can help you prevent kidney stones from developing in your kidneys. 


Antioxidant King


rose tea cafe


Without a doubt, you can call your next tea with rose an antioxidant king. Antioxidants are beneficial compounds that can help you fight the adverse effects of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are known to be reactive molecules that can cause cell damage in humans and lead to oxidative stress. This stress is heavily associated with premature aging and different diseases. 

Rose milk tea comes to save the day with its primary antioxidant source, which is polyphenols. Foods that are rich in polyphenols are known to reduce the risk of different types of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Polyphenols can even protect your brain from various degenerative diseases. 

A study was conducted among 12 rose cultivars, which found that antioxidant activity and phenol content in tea mixed with a rose was greater or equal to the doses found in green tea

Organic tea mixed with rose petals is also known to be productive with gallic acid. Gallic acid is an antioxidant that accounts for around 50 percent of the total phenol content of the tea. This compound has many antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and even anti-cancer effects. 




Rose tea can offer you more than just a great aroma and taste. It can be a contributor to your daily dose of healthy intakes. As time goes on, people are becoming more aware of what they put into their bodies and for a good reason. The daily products everyone has come to love and consume, are usually filled with many chemicals that have harmful side effects. You will be doing yourself a big favor by adding more organic products to your daily choices of food. 

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