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12 November, 2021 | Bon Tea Cafe Updated 2021

Top 5 Places to Order Boba Drink in LA

"Where can I find the best boba near me?" Have you been asking this question lately? Los Angeles is one of several places with rich and diverse food, culture, and art. It can be challenging to find the best food, art, etc., because of the numerous choices, but that's not the case for a bubble or boba drink. 

After searching through various reviews, we come up with lists of the best places to order boba tea. But before we begin, what is a boba drink?  

What Is A Boba Drink? 

Boba drink or bubble tea is a popular Taiwanese beverage invented in the 1980s. There are numerous variations of boba tea, but fundamentally, it contains boba, tea, and milk. You then drink the beverage with the famously bit straw to suck the boba found at the bottom of the bubble tea. 

Traditionally, bubble tea was a dessert that teenagers loved due to its chewing experience and sweetness. But the beverage is a whole new level now and changed into different forms like coffee drinks, smoothies, and even cocktails. 

If you want to know more about bubble tea, check out this guide: What is Bubble tea and How to Make One?  

5 Best Places To Order Boba Drink In Los Angeles 

There are many places to order boba tea in Los Angeles. Below, you’ll find the best places to enjoy the delicious boba tea with your favorite flavoring and toppings. 

1. BonTea Cafe

If you’re searching for the best place to enjoy your boba tea with your friends and family in a relaxing atmosphere, consider BonTea Cafe. For several years now, BonTea has strived to revive the long-lost culture of tea. 

The company offers you the original, classic taste of boba tea, including other beverages such as milk tea, smoothies, coffees, etc. Do you love to experiment with flavors? Do you love to explore different versions of boba? If so, then BonTea Cafe is the right choice. 

BonTea has a knack for going organic, whether tea leaves, dairy products, or coffee beans. Everything, including bubble tea, is loaded with antioxidants, promising you a better rejuvenating feel. 

BonTea believes in giving customers the best boba drink experience. You also get a good place for enjoying your favorite coffee, and of course, bubble tea and delicious snacks with your friends.  

If you have less time to spare due to work, you can order your favorite boba tea at BonTea. It's fast and easy, and you'll get your beverage at your utmost convenience. 

2. Pearl’s Finest Teas

The name of this boba shop gives you the first impression, and they don’t disappoint. Pearl’s Finest Teas offers you some of the delicious bubble or boba tea near the FairFax Avenue area. You can miss the location, especially if you’re shopping. 

Just like any boba tea shop, you can customize your beverage with the number of toppings, including how sweet you want it (if that’s what you want). 

However, some of the boba flavors they offer customers tend to be between horchata milk tea and traditional black milk tea with tapioca pearls. But keep in mind that the area is packed with sitting cars, so you might need to use Uber similar transport. 

3. Milk + T

boba drink

Milk+ T has become popular over the years since they established the business, and there is a reason for that. The company has taken a new innovative approach with traditional milk tea. As a result, you get sourced teas and quality ingredients. 

You'll indeed have a good time, whether enjoying your favorite boba tea alone or with your friends or family. You can choose the flavor you want, and when you order matcha milk tea, you get a scoop of delicious ice cream on top. 

4. Bubble U

Suppose you've been asking, "where can I find the best boba near me?" consider Bubble U. The company has steadily become popular since its establishment in 2016. And they're pretty well-known in the bubble tea and boba community of Chinatown. 

Bubble U's shop makes you feel at home, and you can order your favorite beverages like taro smoothies or matcha milk tea. You can also go ahead and try their specialty drinks too. Also, you get numerous boba tea options to choose from. 

From ice, sweetness, boba flavor, milk, and additional topping, you get to choose that one that suits your taste. 


TEAPOP is ideal for people who have been wanting an answer to this question, “where can I find a boba drink near me and a place to hang out?” If you’re searching for an excellent place to enjoy your delicious boba and also hang out with your friends, TEAPOP is a good choice. 

The company began with creativity and cultural ideas coupled with high-standard tea. TEAPOP offers numerous events regularly, so you can bring your friend and enjoy the art galleries, musicians, and many more. 

TEAPOP is the best place to have an experience both with your boba tea and music. 

Popular Boba Drink Flavors You Must Try At These Boba Shops

1. Honey Melon Boba Tea 

If you're the type that looks for sweet yet refreshing beverages, you'll surely love Honey Melon. This drink is popular worldwide and especially enjoyed during the summer. But the Honey Melon can be partially sweet during other seasons. 

Some shops add additional sugar to get a more sweet taste. However, it's advisable to drink the beverage with no extra sugar to maintain its nutritional value. 

2. Mango Bubble Tea

boba drink

Another excellent boba tea to try out in one of these boba shops is the Mango bubble tea. It’s also semi-sweet and highly refreshing in the summer season. If you want the drink to be extra chilled, you can ask for shaved ice. 

Adding it to your drink changes the textures and makes it more suitable to drink, especially on hot days. If it's your first time tasting any boba flavors, you can try the mango version first. 

3. Strawberry Bubble Tea

This boba tea doesn't have a unique taste, and it's most people's favorite choice. The sweet taste the strawberry comes with is pleasant to almost everyone, from kids, teenagers to older people. 

So if you’re new to the boba world, you can start with the strawberry flavor. There is a likelihood that you’ll love the taste. Remember that the drink comes with various textures. Some boba shops come in liquid form; others come in creamy form like smoothies. 

With these three popular bubble tea flavors, you can choose your best option, especially if you're new to the boba world. In addition, these beverages come with nutritional values, so you have nothing to worry about. 

However, some boba shops add extra sugar to increase the taste since some drinks tend to be semi-sweet. So you’ll have to prompt them if you don’t like the additional sugar. 


If you're one of the numerous people that keeps asking, "where can I find boba drink near" this guide has given you the best places in LA to begin with. You can check these places out and see the one that best works for you. But we recommend that you start with BonTea Cafe. You get to spend time with your friends or family in a relaxed environment. If you have a busy schedule, you can always order your favorite boba tea online. We’ll gladly deliver your beverage as fast as possible.